For Anyone Looking To Start, Scale and Grow A Digital Business

Your Mission: Make $10K By Black Friday

Create Your Awe-inspiring Micro-Offer, Get It In Front of 50,000 People & Make $10K By Black Friday Using Laser-Targeted Micro-Missions That Combine Persuasion-Powered Trainings,
Human Genius Interventions & An All-in-One AI-Powered System

  • Even if you have no idea where to start, what to sell and how to sell it..heck you aren't even sure if your idea will sell
  • Even if you have taken a zillion other courses (& never finished any) & think you have seen & done it all (with no results)
  • Even if you have 2 hours a day to work on your business (& no budget to hire a coach, mentor, designer, *insert another so called must-have* )
  • Even if you think the internet is a dirty messy place that only favors the BIG GUNS (& you are decidedly NOT a big gun or ANY gun)
  • Even if your day job sucks all your energy and drive..and all you are left with is a tiny sliver of willpower and your aching bones 
  • Even if the only people cheering you on are strangers you have never met but who have your back at every step of the way
  • Even if you are a course whore with every course under your belt but no business
  • Even if you are a newbie with dreams and passions and ideas but no clue on how to get started
  • Even if you already have a business that makes sales but somehow does not scale past a certain point, a business that has buyers but not rabid hungry fans
  • Even if are technically a “business owner” with a website and legal structure and maybe some fans on facebook..BUT NO SALES.
  • Even if you are an introvert and can't stand pushy in-your-face marketing tactics that make you want to take a bath after you use them on people.
  • Even if you are a self-proclaimed lousy writer who couldn't string two sentences together to save that jar of Nutella from spoiling. (The horror...)
  • Even if you suck at selling and copywriting so bad they both make you want to commit murder.
  • Even if you think you have seen & heard it all and now looking to dish an obscene amount of money on a mastermind or coach because you have been told that is the only solution

But before you jump out of your panties in excitement, let me be fair & square with you....

You probably don’t even belong on this page…

Very few people do…

Most people are stumbling around in the dark looking for a goldmine

What if I told you..You ARE the goldmine

What if I told you you’ve just stumbled onto a “Mining Machine” so powerful, it can(and will) extract the hidden treasure buried deep within your soul
You have no clue as to the power of what you are about to be offered...

But whether you know it or not...
You ARE just a few hops, a couple scrolls, and a single click away from it.

The only system that taps into a completely new, completely unexposed pot of pure cash

We’re talking about a NEW parallel universe..
Where even the newest of the newbies can get $10K paydays
And all by mining Gold from YOUR OWN BRAIN…
Your own personal GOLDMINE

Starting Now!!

Without being a salesy weirdo
Without handing over your inheritance to a coach
Without offering your first born as fast action bonus
Without doing things the make your want to puke in your purse

You’re about to be handed your own exclusive MINING MACHINE to unearth the goldmine that’s you, whether:

You’re selling a digital course, a membership site, or a coaching program.

You have a tiny list or NO list 

You use organic or paid traffic.

You’re launching your first or 50th digital offer.

But this right here ain’t for everyone…maybe it’s not even for you…

So let’s find out if it is…

This is not for you if you believe that good things only come to those who suffer for years to make it work…

This is not for you if you like to bitch, moan & complain about things being oh-so-unfair…

This is not for you if you aren’t ready to make speed your ultimate weapon & give it your all 

You are not willing to sprint rather than crawl, run rather than stroll and leap-frog rather than taking baby steps…

Then this page, this solution and this product is not for you.

In fact nothing much can help you short of a miracle (and anyone who promises you otherwise is just trying to rob you of your money and your dignity)

If that sounds like something you’re not ready for...

You might want to head back over to Facebook & go watch some silly cat videos…


If you’re open to the idea of being miles heck hundreds of miles ahead of the pack.

If you can see yourself using science-backed, psychology-based trainings, human genius interventions & a magnificent AI-powered system...while laughing all the way to the bank...while everyone else in our industry remains tangled in the mindfuckery of one-day-I-will...

And you want to do it easily...

  • Without running ads
  • Without stumbling around in the dark
  • Without writing a single piece of content
  • Without doing conventional list-building
  • Without any tech gymnastics
  • Without months of prep
  • Without cold DMs or creepy messages
  • Without any connections...
  • Without pimping our your dignity at networking events..

If that’s you... I want you to sit back…open all your holes up.... and listen up.

It’s time for you to cash in on the goldmine that’s YOU and do that as fast as possible.

The Only Thing Standing Between You & Your $10K By Black Friday Goal is a YES & A Simple Equation

Persuasion-Powered micro-missions
+ Human Genius Interventions
+ All-in-One AI-Powered System
= $10K PayDay By Black Friday

Information alone is garbage
Listen I have sold a crapton ton of courses and I am all for courses as a learning modality but when you are looking for potentially life-altering changes, information alone doesn’t do jack

Imagine if all the learning you have ever done in your life came from a book
Learning baseball, tennis or any sport and all you had to go by was a textbook or a video
Learning how to become a better speaker, or social interactions.., read a book and watch a video DONE
“Here take this course, and you will be an expert"

Even if you go in to learn this information with the right intentions and 100% commitment the reality is that it’s just not enough

You need accountability
You need implementation support
You need real-life feedback
You need a community of peers all working towards the same goal
Someone to model your strategies after
Somewhere to practice before you go all in

And someone to tell you when the bookish knowledge alone isn’t practical (because let’s face it most advice in online courses is bookish and the course creators haven’t even personally use these strategies.

and that's why this particular mission I am inviting you on is structured in a way that gets you the fastest, most effortless results with minimum belly-ache..

Pillar 1: Persuasion Powered Micro-Missions 

Pillar 2: Human Genius Interventions

Pillar 3: All-in-One AI- Powered System

Pillar 4: Done-for-you Resources

Pillar 5: Champion's Trophy (and a chance to get in front of 50,000 people)

Pillar One

Persuasion Powered Micro-Missions

Not a course, not an instruction manual, not a bunch of trainings. Just laser-targeted, persuasion-powered micro-missions to get you moving towards your goal..with fluff or random irrelevant info.

  • OCTOBER 20, 2023



We start with the end in mind and show you all the pieces you need to get ready and finally press START on that launch. This comes with The Ultimate Launch Checklist, Plan and Calendar Template along with a
full walk-through of my process on how to launch working 4 hours a day even during launch days.

Goal: To get your launch planned out in full with gaps identified & resources locked.

  • OCTOBER 25, 2023



This is where I show you click by click how to research, outline and create your viral-worthy better-than-paid freebie in under 45 minutes (and the easiest most tech-noob free way to set it up to collect hot leads)

You'll get examples, swipes files, worksheets, training videos, and more you're able to hit the ground running without staring at a "blank screen" wondering how to start.

Goal: To get your viral-worthy better-than-paid freebie & loaded on to a sign up page ready to attract hot leads

  • OCTOBER 30, 2023



This is where we start feeding your “$10K Machine” with HOT LEADS by putting your message in front of targeted audience primed to buy from you.

You will choose 3-5 strategies and go all-in on those so you create an aura of omni-visibility in your market. This is especially powerful for people who either have a tiny email list or have never really gone all-in on audience building.

Goal: To kick-start your self-replicating lead-in engine that will not just get you hot leads for your Black Friday launch but forever.

  • NOVEMBER 03, 2023



Time for you to craft your Awe-Inspiring Micro-Offer for Black Friday. 

We start with a 4 step 45 minute idea validation and niche tightening method that will save you months of posting survey questions and hoping people will just tell you what they want (Hint: surveys don't work because people don't know what they want, period.)
This offer is not just a buyer-attractor but with the right positioning has the potential to become your buyer-acquirer for years to come.

Goal: Create your Awe-Inspiring Micro-Offer that makes people want to throw their wallets at your face

  • NOVEMBER 08, 2023



You’re going to learn step-by-step how to create your own product in under 48 hours (so the actual nitty gritty product creation process), and finally how to record the sessions if needed.

This is product creation on steroids and the exact process I use to create so much quality content in so little time.

Best Part? No past experience required!

Goal: Create the actual Awe-Inspiring Micro-Offer that you will deliver to your buyers (can be a course, coaching, membership or even a service)

  • NOVEMBER 10, 2023



This is where we create all the promo assets you need to create an instant frenzy of likes, comments and shares for your offer by tapping on to their deepest darkest desires. You will get swipes, templates, scripts & more to create promo assets that seed the idea of your offer in the minds of your potential buyers. 

I will also share a simple tool to reverse engineer your irresistible market positioning based on the core psychological triggers of your ideal buyer. This approach positions you as a subject matter expert who can tap into the her subconscious and make her say, "I WANT YOU NOW"!

Goal: Create all your promo assets for your $10K By Black Friday Launch

  • NOVEMBER 13, 2023



Time to create your pitch assets; all then things you need to move people from "I'll buy when I have time" to "I Want this NOW!"

I will give you a simple (yet killer) template to craft all your pitch assets (your sales page, your sales emails, even your social media pitches) to make an offer they just can not refuse. The exact structure, hooks and urgency points that make a killer sales pitch.

Goal: To create all your pitch assets that have a super persuasive pitch weaved into them using the principles of Believability & Desirability.

Pillar Two


Information alone is garbage. You need accountability, you need implementation support, you need real-life feedback, you need someone to model your strategies after..and that's where these human interventions come in.

  • OCTOBER 23, 2023 TO NOV 6, 2023



Throw thousands on courses and never finish them? Read blogs, watch videos, grab pdfs but never implement anything? Nursing your million dollar idea for years but never launched it?

We have a cure for that; enter Live Bullet Coaching; our always-on accountability, coaching, feedback & support mechanism that doesn’t allow anyone to stay behind

Can't attend live? Send us questions, links etc, ahead of time and we will answer them in the session. You can then watch the recordings of the session later.

  • NOV 14, 2023 TO NOV 21, 2023



You get live tune-ups sessions with Bushra and in these calls, you can use my brain cells to strategize, craft your offers, name your thing or audit your launch.
You can have me audit your launch and tell you how to optimise for maximum conversions
You can have your sales page hook reviewed and revised so you won’t have to worry about a lame sales page killing your conversions
You can have your offer copy looked over & ripped apart (and then built back up for maximum conversions)
You can have my input on how to best use the social media updates for creating buzz around your launch
You can ask me to give your elevator pitch a  persuasion teardown so it creates an insatiable hunger about your product

You can ask me how to recover a fledgling launch, help recover a lost sale or create urgency in a sales conversation 
You can ask me point-blank how I would tackle a tricky business situation, a lucrative partnership opportunity, a monster client or an underperforming employee
You can have me review your entire funnel to recommend areas of improvements & optimization that you can implement right away and get results RIGHT AWAY

Can't attend live? Send me questions, links etc, ahead of time and I will answer them in the call. You can then watch the recordings of the call.

Pillar THREE


The Only Psychology-Based, AI-Powered System That Combines Neuromarketing, Custom Software & Speed




12 Months Access to Your All-In-One Business Building System That Combines Neuromarketing, Proven Ai-Tools And Business Building Strategies Tested & Optimized Over 80,000 Businesses Across 152 Industries. 

Offer Module: What is it?
The First-Ever AI Tool to Validate Your Online Idea, Craft Your Offer & Generate Your Entire Launch Plan in Under 30 Minutes

Marketing Module: What is it?
The First Ever AI-Powered Marketing Software that creates personalised, authoritative & personality- infused marketing content in seconds.

Sales Module: What is it?

The First Ever AI-Powered Sales Copy Generating Software that creates copy with embedded psychological triggers meant to activate specific buying emotions in your buyer’s brain

Leads Module: What is it?

The largest repository of lead-gen blueprints with trainings, scripts, processes & an AI-engine to get you unlimited leads all day every day on repeat..without paid ads.

Pillar FOUR


Steal my strategies, nab my systems, copy my step-by-step tactics, learn from thousands of my students, use my word for word scripts, deploy my done-for-you slide-decks and swipe my never-before-shared mindset breakthroughs that fuel my own multi-million dollar expert business.

  • OCTOBER 27, 2023



I have made $10 Million+ in sales almost exclusively from webinars. Now I am sharing the exact slide deck, the exact words, the exact script I used. This script & slide deck is what I used for my highest converting webinar ($760,000 baby)

  • OCTOBER 27, 2023



My course creation on steroids method to actually create your mini course in less than 48 hours. This is the exact strategy I have used to create 130+ courses and with my secret system + the slide deck I am giving you, your own course-creation process will become completely painless.

  • OCTOBER 27, 2023



Sales calls don’t have to be painful or slimy, in fact they should be fun, enjoyable & super profitable. I use a very specific sales call flow & script that gets people nodding along to everything you say from the moment they join the call and ends with them asking YOU to sell to them. People with no sales background in my team have used this script to get a 90%+ success rate on sales calls, and now I am sharing this entire thing with you.


Champion's Trophy

To almost guarantee that you will complete your mission of making $10K By Black Friday, we have the best most potent mechanism in place; a chance to get in front of 50,000+ people with your micro-offer...and that too in time for Black Friday where everyone is in a buying mood.

  • NOV 24, 2023 TO NOV 28, 2023



Black Velvet Bargain Ball is the ultimate CHAMPION'S TROPHY to get your offer done, dusted, launched & showcased is an online event on Black Friday 2023... with the singular objective of growing your audience.

Coordinated, funded and launched by Bushra personally, this event will send free traffic to your offers, so you can make money.

Bushra will create the landing page for the Black Velvet Bargain Ball
Bushra will write the copy for the page
Bushra will write, create & set up the ad
Bushra will fund the ads with her own money

And even promote The Black Velvet Bargain Ball to her own audience of 50,000 people

All you have to do is create your Awe-Inspiring Micro Offer offer (with guidance from Bushra) and promote the Black Velvet Bargain Ball to your audience (so everyone in the ball gets maximum exposure)

The rest will all be taken care of.
Yep landing page, ad copy, ad setup, ad budget..all done.

You get free traffic, free launch setup, free exposure, free MONEY..everything done for you.

I refuse at least 2-3 offers per week for private consultations and strategy sessions or requests to help people with their ads, copy or conversions etc. I say NO because I don't think copy or conversions or strategy alone can save a lame offer.

That’s why I am ONLY doing this when I can actually review your offer & give it a Bushra-makeover before I spend my time, money & energy promoting it.

Yes! We are literally condensing decades into weeks, years into days & weeks into hours to make sure you complete your mission to make $10K By Black Friday 

If you thought that was all, you don't really know me.... 


Bonuses worth $3,500 that you get gratis when you join
Bonuses that have never been offered before for free
Bonuses that may never be available like this (or at all)
Bonuses that you will pay thousands of dollars for if you wait too long..


1000+ gigabytes of persuasion wisdom, consumer behavior research and social psychology studies into a single database of 10-minutes-or-less cheat codes that can take you from persuasion-noob to master persuader in less time than it takes to google your most annoying persuasion dilemma.

These “online persuasion cheat codes” instantly give you online persuasion tactics that provoke an impulsive, effortless yes in anyone and doubles, triples, quadruples your sales within 24 hours.


My Step by Step Crumb by Crumb, Psychology-backed System to Make Your First (Or next) $10K in 3 months. 

This 12 week micro-launch strategy will make you more money in 12 weeks than you did in an entire year.


At the end of our time together, you’ll have everything you'll need to build your own hugely successful business. Plus, you’ll have a new superpower that you can use over and over again and you’ll have the unique ability to slip effortlessly into the mind of your customer, extract their emotional hot buttons, and turn their every desire into instant product ideas.

I am Bushra & I should still be rotting in a meeting room full of overblown egos being mansplained to death by someone with an IQ no higher than my refrigerator...

Because that 40,000 Riyal ($10,000) paycheck I got every month was just too juicy to be let go of....or so I thought

But I am here, on my own terms, making $10,000 in 3 days rather than 30 and without marinating in my own slowly melting self-respect.

Today, I am a self-made multimillionaire, a best-selling author on sales & consumer behavior and have taught thousands of  tiny businesses how to make big bucks using the Psychology of Persuasion.

I started in July 2014 and managed to go from an absolute nobody with zero connections and subzero sales to $5M+ in sales in less than 5 years.

I am particularly proud of the fact that almost 20% of my list are buyers compared to the typical 4-5%. My students have used my persuasion hacks to make millions of dollars while slashing their ad budgets by 80% and from lists of less than 100 people.

I am nothing special

I have no friends in high places, no big name affiliates, no massive team, no coaches, no mastermind buddies to give me a leg up

Heck some days I don't even have enough energy to fetch myself a cuppa.

I am just a little shot that though she could, and she did.

Because guess what?

Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting. With me by your side, you too will become a big shot..on your terms......

But First...Let's be honest. 

Do You Have what it takes to add 2, 3 even 4 ZEROES to your bank account?

Do you?

Most don't. 

Maybe this path right here is not for you

It's meant for someone who's hungry... 

It's meant for the kind of person who has a deep burning desire to win, to rise above the desperate mediocrity everyone else is settling for

It’s meant for someone who has no shame in admitting that they like money, hell they LOVE money and they want to make more money in a week than most people make in a year...

It's meant for someone who is willing to go the extra mile, hell go the extra 10 broken shoes..

Someone ready to roll with the punches..

Someone ready to fight (and win)...

Someone ready to be brave (even when it’s hard, and she’s scared and everyone tells her to be content, to settle, to just stop with the madness)

Someone ready to fight every battle, endure every insult, and nurse every blow to their ego back to health in a matter of seconds

Do you have the courage to reach out for this kind of life?

If you do, read on. If you don't, cut your losses, wipe the drool off your face and go browse some Facebook. This is not the place for you

Still Here? Good!

Now let me be frank with you

HERE ARE 5 Life-Altering ways your business and life is about to change (for the better)

THIS IS YOU: Thousands of email subscribers, hundreds of eager buyers & a life that’s so full of joy it annoys the shit out of your neighbors

THIS IS YOU: Your launch strategy, launch planning, copy, tech, graphics all DONE!

THIS IS YOU: Your lead-gen engine pumping new targeted traffic into your launch funnel effortlessly and a ballerina on rollerskates

THIS IS YOU: Taking a day or a week (or a MONTH) off just because you feel like it because you have a system in place that does not require you to keep trading dollars for hours.

THIS IS YOU: No more hoping, praying, dying... always winning. Every Time!

How will you get there?
I have a system that will get you there.
It’s systematic, it’s scientific, and endlessly creative.
It drags peoples’ eyeballs away from the cat videos on Facebook to YOUR business.
It gets people excited, animated positively exhilarated about your “thing”
It makes the process of creating, launching and selling out your online product a BREEZE!

There is nothing like this system on the market...period.

I created this because..

I want YOU to succeed

I want YOU to stop wasting time piecing together your business with a million irrelevant softwares, some duct tape & a whole lotta prayers

I want YOU to be rewarded & reprimanded when you miss a deadline (carrot & stick baby)

And I want YOU to feel empowered with

The right tools

The right strategy

The right support

The right information

All in one place.

And all of this is waiting for you inside The $10K By Black Friday Mission


NOT at this price point

NOT at any price point


Your Purchase Today is 100% Risk Free

In this system, I will share with you everything you need to create, launch and sell out your offers & make $10K By Black Friday.

Every step of my online sales process is revealed in absolute detail. Nothing is left out or held back. I don’t give you a bunch of theory and then say “go write”. Instead, I give you goof-proof templates for everything. Emails, video scripts, sales pages, social media posts, webinar templates...and I am absolutely sure this will help you smash your mission to make $10K By Black Friday

And If this doesn’t seem like it is 10X more than you invest today…you can just give it back.

When you join, you will get access to Business In a Box AI within 24 hours. You have a full SEVEN days to try it and if you don’t think it is the BEST launch system you have ever come across, I will refund every penny.

I won't ask you to show me that you have done the work

Or chastise you for not hustling enough

Or pretend to be “holier than thou” and ask you all sorts of disrespectful questions about why you didn't get the results

Just send me one email & we will refund & cancel. See here for the full terms of purchase & make a fully-informed, risk-free albeit life-changing decision :)

Here's Everything Included In The $10K By Black Friday Mission

  • 7 laser-targeted, persuasion-powered micro-missions to get your offer, promo, launch & everything else created- WORTH $2,000
  • LIVE Bullet Coaching Sessions WORTH $2,000
  • Live Tune-Ups with Bushra– so you can get direct feedback, ask questions, and even get a copy critiqued by me! WORTH $3,000
  • Lifetime Access To All Trainings, Templates & SwipesWORTH $2,000
  • 12 Months Access to Your All-In-One AI-Powered System That Combines Neuromarketing, Proven Ai-Tools And Business Building Strategies Tested & Optimized Over 80,000 Businesses Across 152 Industries- WORTH $1,164
  • Lifetime Access to $10 Million Webinar Template & Slide deck WORTH $1,000
  • Lifetime Access to The 48 Hour Course Creation Template & Slide deck WORTH $1,000
  • Lifetime Access to Zero Rejection. Sales Call Flow & Script WORTH $1,000
  • Lifetime Access to Sisterhood of Disappearing Bonuses Worth $3,488

Total Value: $17,652


if you take the 12 monthly payment plan


A Science-Based, Psychology-Backed End-to-End System with done-for-you templates, word-for-word scripts, pre-designed slide-decks & deep consumer psychology insights.


Let me help add multiple zeroes to your bank account even if the idea of selling makes you want to lock yourself in an attic full of murder hornets


Privacy Policy                     Terms of Use                   Earnings Disclaimer

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