I Tried Selling to a Group of 3,000 People Who Wanted to Throw Rotten Eggs at My Face

(plus 21 other marketing experiments I deployed in 2021..some flew, some flopped & some kicked me in the shins with steel-toe boots)

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In 2022 & beyond, the internet is not about survival of the fittest it is About survival of the bravest

It’s the survival of the one who is the fastest to innovative
The one brave enough to try, fail, cry, mope, get up & try again
Survival of the one who’s willing to experiment

2021 was my year of experimentation
The newest, the most outrageous experiments one can imagine
The kind that makes you want to curl up in a fetal position under the sofa and stuff your face with double chocolate cookies
The kind that's scary AF but also keep people:
And Buying

But The Year Did Not Start Out Like That...Nope

When the year started, I had firm plans to do things that had always worked, we had a proven system, a time tested strategy, a battle tested plan
So we were all hung ho let’s go about it..
And it landed like a wet stinky mop
And so OMG so uncomfortable
Like a lace thong wedgie (I know you know what I mean, don’t act all surprised)

I couldn’t wait for it to be over
Which is so unlike me because normally I am excited and all in until the very end
I enjoy the thrill and the high of the process
I enjoy the energy, the buzz and not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoy the ka-ching of new sales
This time, though, everything was a bit muted
A bit beige
A bit dampened
Including me

And I realized what was happening..

The trap of the familiar was keeping me…..well... trapped

See, the familiar is safe
And secure
And predictable
And isn’t that what we all want in business?
Well.. yes
And no
We want predictable outcomes
But our customers zone out on predictable
They want
New…exciting… unpredictable
They want you to shake them up & break the pattern of predictability
They want you to make them bug-eyed with anticipation
They want you to make them shake with excitement as you unveil your new thing

And that’s exactly what I decided to do after that first lukewarm try at familiar
I deployed 22 new, exciting, completely unpredictable marketing experiments in 2021 to break free from the trap of the familiar
And the results?
Not all experiments were a success and yes some blew up in my face and for good measure kicked me in the shins.
But the ones that worked?
Blew it out of the park and left me with a much deeper understanding of what it takes to sell with integrity and fun in a post-corona world.

Behold The 22 Marketing Experiments I deployed in 2021 

(that I plan to continue in 2022 and you should too)


Marketing Experiment #1

The business intelligence experiment that I deployed for everyone who bought my paid workshop & that will serve me useable exciting intelligence for years to come


Marketing Experiment #2

The you-can-touch-but-you-can’t-have experiment that you must deploy if you are looking to create a downsell that automatically makes people want the original offer (like magic)


Marketing Experiment #3

The not-this-but-that-quick-win experiment that is perfect to recover lost interest in something you sold that not many people jumped at


Marketing Experiment #4

The almost-too-easy-tweak experiment that allowed me to finally tap into the audience I had ignored for 7 years


Marketing Experiment #5

The not-gonna-sell experiment that’s perfect for an offer that’s only for a super exclusive hand selected group of people


Marketing Experiment #6

The rotten eggs experiment where I tried launching to a group of 3k who wanted to throw rotten eggs at my face & how I rescued that nightmare launch


Marketing Experiment #7

The faux-free experiment that will have people get even your most skeptical and hostile prospects to trust you


Marketing Experiment #8

The faux-free -but-not-really experiment that is so potent it’s almost guaranteed to get people who think FREE is crap


Marketing Experiment #9

The chicken-or-the-egg experiment that finally settles one of the biggest questions people have when it comes to selling through applications & sales calls


Marketing Experiment #10

The trial-by-fire experiment that creates insatiable hunger by turning away 99% of the audience


Marketing Experiment #11

The lighten-the-load experiment that had me shaking in my booties but turned out to be the best thing I did all year


Marketing Experiment #12

The make-gurus-puke experiment that made me realise how full of poo most gurus are (there’s a reason I call them POOrus)


Marketing Experiment #13

The price-or-no-price experiment that finally settled the debate for me (and will do the same for you depending on your offer)


Marketing Experiment #14

My Idea-to-launch-in-3-weeks experiment for a brand-new offer that actually ended up making me a quarter of a million dollars from a list of 300 people


Marketing Experiment #15

The I-can’t-be-arsed experiment that allowed me to leverage my inner slob by refusing to do things people claim are ESSENTIAL..well, I'm too lazy for that!


Marketing Experiment #16

The congrats-you-bought-now-buy-some-more experiment that is NOT an upset but gets you more sales from people who just bought


Marketing Experiment #17

The screen-‘em-before-you-sell-‘em experiment that screens people for buying ability, personality match & motivation to change.


Marketing Experiment #18

The Tease-Please-Squeeze Experiment I deployed to acquire hundreds of new buyers for (almost) free


Marketing Experiment #19

The I-say-no-more experiment that freed up hundreds of hours for me in 2021 and frankly I'm kinda loving the freedom!


Marketing Experiment #20

The rejection-proof offer experiment that I tested not once not twice but 5 times and can now say with surety is the best way to create & sell offers


Marketing Experiment #21

The defy-the-norms experiment that I should have done 2 year ago but was too scared of the backlash (spoiler alert: no one even noticed LOL)


Marketing Experiment #22

The sell-without-sales-page experiment that made me $10 Million+ in 2018 and I decided to bring it back with a twist in 2021 to sell 5 figure offers

Predictability Is The Deathblow Your Business Can Not Afford In 2022

What’s the most powerful word in marketing?
But what if you aren't selling FREE?
Then the most powerful word in NEW..

No wonder apple uses the word NEW 16 times in just one page marketing their iPhone 12
New works
New sells
New keeps them guessing
And buying

The reality is this..
If people know exactly what you will do to launch
How you will run your group..
What you will write in your emails
What prizes you will give..
What topics you will cover..
If people can predict your next move, they have already lost interest

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Instant Access to 100+ trainings, hacks & scripts inside Persuasion Hacks Lab Worth $2,700

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