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Unborify Your Brand- 99 Humor Hooks To Use in Your Webinars, Livestreams, Emails & Social Media To Hook Brains, Sell More & Create Lifelong Fans

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what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in Unborify Your Brand

This is your chance to sidestep the deathtrap of boring yawn inducing content and learn to infuse humor in your brand for endless eyeballs,  truckloads of LOLs and crap-ton of sales

Module One
Unborify Your Webinars, Videos & Livestreams

Live Recording Nov 15th 2021

The success of your webinars, videos & livestreams depends on how engaged & engrossed people are in what you are saying & humor is hands down the best way to keep their brains engaged (it’s science) This is where all your struggles end:

No more "people watching 3 seconds of your livestream &. skipping"

No more "200 people joining the webinbar & 50 staying on for the pitch

In this module I will give you 33 humor hooks anyone can use in their next video, webinar or livestreams to hook people so they stay on throughout, pay attention with all their senses & buy your stuff without thinking twice.

Module Two
Unborify Your Emails &
Sales Copy

Live Recording Nov 16th 2021

This module answers all of your burning questions around your emails & sales copy like:

How do I write personality-infused emails that don’t make me sound like an overzealous teenager with too much sugar in her system and too many hormones fighting for her attention?"

"How do I write copy that grips people from the very first line, make them

love me forever & tell everyone about me and buy everything I create?

With 33 immediately implementable humor hooks, your emails & sales copy will be popping, sizzling & snapping with personality and fun.

Module Three
Unborify Your Social Media Content

Live Recording Nov 17th 2021

No spleen-busting dance moves
No using teen slang you stole off urban dictionary
No exhausting puns
and no cliched one-liners

This module will give you 33 humor hooks you can instantly deploy in your social media content so that:

Your posts get liked, clicked & acted magic but without signing over your soul to a demon
Your posts are met with a mix of "LOL" and "HAHAHA" and "OMG you are so funny" every time
Your ads convert like gangbusters & your content leaves people shivering with excitement & desire

I am Bushra & I am a Hoot

Hey, I’m Bushra, your launch sensei, and a mad scientist when it comes to sold-out launches, consumer psychology and creating awe-inspiring rejection proof offers that make people want to throw their wallets at your face.

I am creating this new mini course based on my experience working with thousands of people, generating millions of dollars, and seeing in real-time how to hook brains and grab eyeballs using strategically placed humor hooks & awe-inspiring copy.

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