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Using The Behavioural Patterns, Branding Secrets and Emotional Triggers Billion-Dollar Companies Use To Become The Top 1% in Their Markets

The A.P.E.X Circuits That Fuel Your Rise to The Top 1%

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CIRCUIT ONE: Get 100 Members In Your Membership

Goal: Acquire, retain, delight & ascend members in your community or membership
Inspiration: Acquisition, Retention & Consumption Cues used by Netflix
Focus Areas:
-[ ] Creating a membership site that attracts the right people
- [ ] Crafting a consumption path for them to follow
- [ ] Creating bingeable experiences for them
- [ ] Amplifying them to ascend to the next circuit

CIRCUIT 2: Get 5 Buyers For Your Ultra-Premium Offer

Goal: Create ultra-premium, hyper-luxe offers & acquire eager-to-invest buyers
Inspiration: Aspirational & Prestige Signals used by Rolls-Royce
Focus Areas:
- [ ] Building an aura of prestige, exclusivity & luxury around your offer or brand
- [ ] Crafting & structure offers aligned with ultra-premium buyer motivations
- [ ] Creating acquisition paths that logically lead to the hyper-luxe offers without resistance

CIRCUIT 3Get 10 Buyers For Your Connection Offer

Goal: Create emotionally connected group programs & masterminds that people are desperate to be a part of
Inspiration: Emotional Connection & Belonging Signals used by Marvel
Focus Areas:
- [ ] Creating 3 characters & associated stories to build emotional connection (using Marvel story arc)
- [ ] Crafting the group program or mastermind value proposition & content
- [ ] Building out the marketing assets around the offer
- [ ] Acquire the first 100 founding members

CIRCUIT 4: Get 3 Buyers For Your x-Factor Offer

Goal: Create highly-selective certification, licensing & marketplace arrangements based on your X-Factor
Inspiration: Authority, Wisdom & Intellectual Enrichment Signals used by Harvard
Focus Areas:
- [ ] Finding your X-Factor & making it transplantable
- [ ] Creating a value proposition for your X-Factor Transplant
- [ ] Structuring your certification or licensing to attract only the top 1%
- [ ] Acquiring the first cohort with ease & a self-selecting screening mechanism

Meet Bushra


I am Bushra & I am a mad scientist when it comes to persuasion; reading, testing, researching, mixing up strange unmentionable concoctions and then synthesizing all of this persuasion wisdom into simple actionable strategies that can take you light years ahead of everyone in your industry,

I am a self-made multimillionaire, a best-selling author on sales & consumer behavior and have taught thousands of tiny businesses how to make big bucks using the Psychology of Persuasion.
I am legit obsessed with how the human brain works, but also with how to use this information to get a YES online. I have taken thousands of people from lost & frazzled to being intergalactic balls of awesome...all through the power of persuasion.

So I know a thing or a thousand about creating, positioning & selling offers using Human Motivation Theory, Buyer Psychology & Consumer Behavioral Insights.

I Don't Mean to Brag, But I Know a Thing Or 100 About Being The Top 1%



Quit playing in the sandbox of mediocrity & rise up to take your spot as the Top 1% in your industry (so you attract the Top 1% of your market)

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I don't believe in get-rich-quick, take-this pill-and-be- awesome systems. I believe in hard work, integrity and service. That is exactly what all my courses and programs are meant to help you do. There are obviously no guarantees that you will get the same results as I did because that depends on your industry, your ability and your business..not to mention your resolve to step into the arena with the intention to win. I am here to give you the best tools possible to get you where you want to go but at the end of the day these are just tools, YOU gotta use them to get the results you want. What use is a great steak knife if you plan to order takeout right?
Please remember that nothing on this page or any of my websites or emails is a promise of earnings or a guarantee of results.

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