The Top 1% Conference Day Two

Where 33 Top Experts Share their Never-Shared Before Top Secret Strategies For Extraordinary Growth In Life, Business, Health & Relationships

Imposter Syndrome Be Gone - Forever!

Unveiling the science-backed, proven (but covert) formula to get your clients ditching Imposter Syndrome forever in the next six weeks, even if they (and you!) feel like they've tried everything.

Meet The Speaker: Clare Josa

Global authority in Imposter Syndrome & creator of The Soultuitive® Coaching Lab training for Master Coaches in-the-making.

Maximize Your Full Potential

The amazing secret that Tony Robbins uses to Maximize His Full Potential …. When Tony does it, you know it’s the real deal!

Meet The Speaker: Deborah Peever

A master of the nervous system who calms the chaos with her superpower of conscious intentional breath.

Master Objections Alchemy For Effortless Sales

Say goodbye to the sales struggle—discover the ultimate path to consistent life-changing income, all while staying true to yourself.

Meet The Speaker: Judit Mueller-Kiss

A Sales Strategist and Transformation Magician. Evolving from a sales-avoidance virtuoso to an empowerment powerhouse, she guides women entrepreneurs in conquering objections, boosting sales, amplifying impact and unlocking personal freedom.

Your Golden Goose Membership 

The science of earning 4-figures from a low-cost membership: Launch your glistening Golden Goose membership program in a week without fuss or dreadful monthly deliverables.

Meet The Speaker: Faith Lee

Meet the phoenix who rose from the ashes of multiple failures in her life to become a 6-figure mompreneur and online business coach who teaches thousands of students the art and science of building a thriving online business through selling easy-to-create digital products and 'sleaze-free-gimme-more' email marketing. 

Human Design Leadership

Discover the leader you were born to be & simplify your path to success with Human Design.

Meet The Speaker: Irene Moore

Irene Moore is a certified Human Design reader and award-winning strategist to global brands in the beauty, wellness & luxury space. In this talk she shares how Human Design can help uncover the highest potential in yourself and others.

Stop The Scroll Imagery

How to have amazing imagery to stop the scroll and reach your ideal client through all the Social Media junk.

Meet The Speaker: Ivonne Carlo Sellés

Ivonne, a photographer and image specialist with over 20 years' experience, blends cinematic storytelling with fashion and beauty, and passionately empowers women through transformative sessions at her San Juan-based studio, Foto Atelier. 

Dealing With The Boss From Hell

Iyo's boss is a Disney Villian...what will she do?

Meet The Speaker: Iyo Irabor

Iyo Irabor is the Founder of Insightfully; the online coaching studio that helps you work with the qualities that make you interesting, original and unstoppable.

Subscription Box Business From Scratch

How to start a subscription box business from scratch that subscribers never want to leave, using my 4 step formula that converts sub box start ups into sub box superstars.

Meet The Speaker: Jacqueline Brown

Jacqueline is your Memberships Mixologist helping 9-5 Escapees transition to Nomadic Entrepreneurs using recurring revenue business models making that moolah on repeat.

A-list celebrity Beauty Secrets (minus the surgery)

My A-list celebrity clients want this KEPT a secret… But here’s how to get your hands on this impossible-to-find strategy for feeling authentically beauty confident at any age - without surgery and cosmetic procedures. Call it The EileenLeaks, if you will..

Meet The Speaker: Eileen Kastner-Delago

REVEALED: EKD FaceWardrobe®, the revolutionary, registered Beauty Gene Activating system, previously only available to a handful of A-list Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities. This is the missing puzzle piece in the beauty routine of beauty-conscious women 40+ seeking to look and feel their best at any age in under 10 months without adding cosmetic procedures to their routine. Founded by Eileen Kastner-Delago, an award-winning Hollywood Makeup Artist, Holistic beauty Architect and globally licensed skincare Science & Ingredients expert.


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