The Top 1% Conference Day Three

Where 33 Top Experts Share their Never-Shared Before Top Secret Strategies For Extraordinary Growth In Life, Business, Health & Relationships

Be Gorgeously Productive

Effortless productivity: Accomplish 4-day work week within four weeks without any stress.

Meet The Speaker: Meelika Heikaus

Meelika helps ambitious women accelerate their success without feeling like they have to sell their soul to the devil. 

Own Your Worth, 3X Your Profit

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Price Like They Mean It and Cultivate Sustainable Margins.

Meet The Speaker: Kelly Baader

Founder and creator of SheInherited LLC: The place to be for courageous Christ-Centered female founders to experience the unwavering love of God and the electrifying rush of unleashing your full potential to soar to your highest level of Influence and Profit!

Ask So They Say Yes!

Recovering awkward person and communication coach Laura Camacho, PhD, equips introvert smarties all over the world to speak up and get what they want!

Meet The Speaker: 
Laura M Camacho

Laura transforms stressed-out, anxious, high-achieving, career supermoms into Zen masters of work-life harmony, by using a unique blend of cutting-edge, science-backed, health protocols and the ancient medicinal wisdom of nature.

Effortless Diabetes Management

Master the lifestyle techniques to manage Type 2 Diabetes effortlessly & without the need to pop endless pills or add more things to your to-do list.

Meet The Speaker: Pooja Graham

Wholesome Warrior on a mission to help women diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to rediscover their vibrant health by using lifestyle changes without overwhelm.

Algorithm Alchemy

How to use the power of Algorithm Alchemy & automation to add rocket-fuel to your reach & revenue without spending all your waking hours on social media.

Meet The Speaker: 
Lisa Hubbard

Lisa empowers bad ass entrepreneurs to increase their reach and revenue using algorithm alchemy to stop the overwhelm of 24/7 social media and automate their abundance to spend more time impacting lives for good!

3 Minute Frequency Elevation

How to Raise Your Frequency In 3 minutes to Easily Manifest Dream Clients and More Income Without Sacrificing Your Time.

Meet The Speaker: Madelaine Coelyn

As a Neuro-Alchemist, Madelaine Coelyn blends ancient techniques with scientifically backed tools to help Conscious Entrepreneurs create more impact, money and time with her signature method, Bring Your Future Self. 

Decode Your Food Choices

Give me just 15 minutes and I’ll give you the biggest “aha" around why you eat what you eat, so you can set yourself free around food once and for all. 

Meet The Speaker: Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler is the visionary role model for women who want to drop weight, look hot and fall back in love with food, no matter how much crap they’ve eaten in the past.


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