The Top 1% Conference Day Four

Where 33 Top Experts Share their Never-Shared Before Top Secret Strategies For Extraordinary Growth In Life, Business, Health & Relationships

Find Hidden Cash Now

Become a cash value expert and achieve financial security faster than you ever thought possible.

Meet The Speaker: Rebecca Webster

Rebecca helps families find money they are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring away every month so they can get the financial security they crave.

Decode Your Chronic Illness

Discover the actual root cause to your chronic illness that doctors never tell you about & that is the first giant leap towards resolving your health issues for good.

Meet The Speaker: Sadhna Chaman

As a Mind-Body Transformation Specialist and second generation homeopath, Sadhna uses the Spirituality Alignment Discipline Homeopathy Neuroscience Activation System to help women step in to their health and life powerfully, naturally and with ease from within. 

Discover Your Introvert Archetype 

Revealed - Why “The Introvert Way” is BS - Come, discover your Introvert Archetype instead, and put it to good use in less than an hour.

Meet The Speaker: Saira Nisa

Saira Nisa is Chief Incredible Introvert & Introvert Transformation Genius, at Incredible Introverts; she calls bullshit on “The Introvert Way” and helps introverted entrepreneurs & professionals weed out and annihilate the blocking behaviours holding them back so that they can; turn their mindshits into mindshifts,
go from Invisible Introvert to Incredible Introvert
and own their introversion without selling their soul to the extravert devil.

Break Generational Trauma Cycle Forever!

5 Keys to breaking the generational cycle of your challenging mother/daughter relationship: Finally transform your relationship with your mother/daughter from stressful (or toxic) to loving, trusting and accepting.

Meet The Speaker: Sandra Graneau

Sandra Graneau, a Transformational Coach and Trauma Conscious Master Practitioner in ENLP Coaching, Quantum Time Release, and Hypnotherapy who helps women heal from their challenging daughter/mother relationships to become whole, have peace of mind and break Generational Cycles.

Mind Reading for Musical Auditions 

How to Go From Queasy and Concerned to Callbacks and Cast Lists By Reading the Director's Mind To Deliver The EXACT Audition to Get Your Dream Role.

Meet The Speaker: Stacy Moscotti

Theatre Kid Audition Coach Stacy Moscotti has played more musical theatre dream roles than she can count and has starred as the title role in National Tours and now teaches the science, art, skill and strategy (SASS) of auditions to theatre kids, coaching on how to give auditions that get the part, no matter your experience, talent level, or nerves.

Limitless Referrals From Facebook Groups

Unveiling the proven (but covert) formula for limitless referrals from Facebook groups.

Meet The Speaker: TaVona Denise

TaVona is an organic marketing specialist for coaches and subject matter experts who want to build a profitable business without having to crank out content.

The CRAZY Secret to Your True SELF

You're not crazy, you're AMAZING! The "Secret" about your Self: How to start following your OWN path NOW, without feeling like it's impractical, too late, or that you're unworthy.

Meet The Speaker: Terral Sykes

Soul Advocate - Terral helps empower purpose-driven visionaries to let their Souls "out of the closet" & live the abundant life of their dreams.

Recode Your Brain For Success

Transform your Mindset, Revolutionise your Wealth: Unleashing success & abundance through brain recoding.

Meet The Speaker: Ursula O'Connell

Ursula O’Connell is a leading Peak Performance Coach & Strategist who helps top female Entrepreneurs create rich & wealthy lives with cutting edge mindset recoding techniques.


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