The Genius Spotlight Day Two

Where 33 Top Experts Share their Never-Shared Before Top Secret Strategies For Extraordinary Growth In Life, Business, Health & Relationships

From Scarcity to Abundance

Explore the mindset shift: Learn how to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset to unlock new opportunities and possibilities.

Meet The Speaker: Nilofer Safdar

Nilofer Safdar has been a money mindset and success coach since 1992. She has facilitated thousands to release their limiting beliefs and sabotage programs so that they can break through their income ceilings and 3X to 10X their income.

Crafting Your Personalized Productivity Blueprint

How tools, techniques and tactics can work when based on personality and work styles.

Meet The Speaker: Sheila Hawkins

Sheila is the Personal Productivity Alchemist at Third Eye Group. She’s a rebel with a cause, doesn’t follow the rules, and instead makes and lives by her own. She says that although it feels like time is out of control, all it takes to get and stay productive is for you to uncover YOUR productivity strengths, do some minor rearranging, and create a process that feeds said strengths to be able to work less, play more, feel a sense of peace and accomplishment every day, tick more boxes off in less time, and see your business flourish.

5 Steps to Making a Memory and Leaving a Legacy

Turn into a system that works like magic to help make things stick, because memories are what legacies are made of. 

Meet The Speaker: Anne Armstrong

Anne Armstrong is the Founder of My Gnome on the Roam® educational toys which inspire a love of reading, writing and adventure for kids, families, students and educators across the globe. After 20 years of teaching gifted and talented students, Anne took on the role of mom entrepreneur to share her formula of small pockets of time + a simple idea for an adventure = deeper family connections in as little as 30 minutes a week. She holds a Master's and Ed. Specialist degree in gifted education and has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, and the New York Times.

Master Your Sound-waves of Trust

The Female Entrepreneur's Blueprint to Podcasting Success

Meet The Speaker: Kelly Baader

Meet Kelly, the visionary founder of SheInherited LLC, a Kingdom-Advancing Leadership Development Company that empowers Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs to elegantly grow and scale their businesses with identity-aligned positioning, compassion-driven marketing, and confidence-fueled selling.

Smash Your Business Goals

The 5-Minute Daily Practice that Will 2x your Profit and Clear the Bull*Shit Off Your Plate

Meet The Speaker: Tara Stand

Tara Stand is a neuro-sparkly engineer who teaches unapologetic stand-outs with big dreams to scale un-ignorable businesses without the burnout. Her CEO System for Profits + Peace helps mission-oriented businesses craft profitable businesses without force-fitting ideas and systems that don’t work. In fact, her clients most often say that working with Tara is like hitting the easy button on their business.

Stop Waffling & Start Selling

Practical tips to craft a short, sweet, and sassy sales page that will make your (future) clients jump on your offer.

Meet The Speaker: Sandra Ten Hoope

Your Sales Page Sous Chef Sandra is a certified master persuader & business strategist, corporate lawyer, author and single mum to a 13-year-old son. You can tell she understands something about getting distracted and procrastinating. Especially when launching your offers, there always seems to be something more urgent to do than create a sales page. This is why Sandra has created Stop Waffling Start Selling, whereby she aids business owners in crafting a short, sweet and CONVERTING sales page! 

Create Your High-Ticket Anti-Funnel

How online experts and healers can use their high ticket offers to attract soul mate clients every day with budget-friendly ads and… actual conversations – no funnels required!

Meet The Speaker: Gosia Potoczna

Meta Ads Strategist and Certified Master Persuader, on a mission to help female course creators, healers and experts heal the trauma of burning their money on Facebook & Instagram ads – and turn it into a success story where they consistently can sell high ticket programs and healing packages, using her SPA Method. With 20+ years in online marketing, she worked on multimillion dollar launches, $20/day evergreen campaigns and everything in between... she knows every heart-centred strategy for running highly profitable ads without losing your integrity nor dignity. She founded The Ads Rebelle, offering VIP days, done-for-you and & done-with-you Meta ads management services. 

Crack The Luxe Branding Code With The Diamond Framework

Key to achieving unparalleled authority, influence, and income in your niche

Meet The Speaker: Anjelica Dezel

Anjelica Dezel is a web designer and brand strategist who specializes in Luxe Branding and websites for coaches and consultants. Coming from a background as an Emmy-winning local TV news producer, Anjelica is a storyteller at heart, and infuses captivating stories into every website and brand that she designs. She has been designing eye-catching brands since 2015, and believes that a website should be as strategic as it is beautiful, optimizing them for maximum clients and email list subscribers.


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