The Genius Spotlight Day Three

Where 33 Top Experts Share their Never-Shared Before Top Secret Strategies For Extraordinary Growth In Life, Business, Health & Relationships

Quantum Shifting Success System

Create what sets your Soul on Fire using modern metaphysical science and ancient Akashic and ancestral techniques.

Meet The Speaker: Angela Martin King

Discover why the world’s most impactful empowerment leaders use the Soul Advantage, a Quantum Shifting Success system that uses modern metaphysical science and ancient Akashic and ancestral techniques to call in the next phase of career alignment and evolution.

Messaging Triggers For Captivating Content

BOMBSHELL REVELATION: How little known entrepreneurs are becoming key players as Kingdom XLR8tors leveraging hidden messaging triggers to create content that converts.

Meet The Speaker: Angela Linville

Angela is a Messaging & Marketing Strategist teaching tiny brands how to get seen, heard, and paid in the online space using the power of buyer psychology and human behavior to create content that converts.

Hacking Emotional Intelligence In Under 60 Seconds

Swipe, steal and deploy the miraculous 3 step Emotional Intelligence hack to achieve unfuckwithable inner peace in a minute or less.

Meet The Speaker: Anne Aleckson

Anne Aleckson is a Mystic, Channel and Author giving a voice to the power within you and creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation through her new book Mind Your Own Vibration; Be Unfuckwithable and her unique TransformationalConversationTM Methodology and One Minute Miracle (OMM) emotional healing technique.

Burnout Proof In 10 Minutes a Day

How to handle stress like a Zen master and become burnout proof in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Meet The Speaker: Asuna Osako

A social worker and drama therapist by trade, I combine my years of experience and knowledge of neuroscience & psychology as a trauma therapist with indigenous Japanese wisdom, offering purpose-driven professionals a transformative path to becoming high performing difference makers with balanced lives.

Ignite Your Yoga Business

Fill Classes, Build Waitlists Crack the Code to 2x Clients and Free Time in Just 8 Weeks.

Meet The Speaker: Christine Stiessel

With her guidance, yoga enthusiasts wholeheartedly master the art of teaching yoga and develop a flourishing yoga business that reflects their unwavering love for the ancient discipline.

Silencing Your Inner Critic

Learn the science of mind-body connection AND neuroplasticity, the revolutionary trauma-conscious S.E.L.F. Method (previously ONLY available to the Top 1% CEOs)

Meet The Speaker: Candace Burkart

Using the science of mind-body connection AND neuroplasticity, the revolutionary trauma-conscious S.E.L.F. Method (previously ONLY available to the Top 1% CEOs) is now helping high achievers debilitated by everyday life to finally regain control over their emotions, relationships, finances and work in as little as 6 weeks!

Effortless Business Growth For Absolute Newbies

Go from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur faster than you ever thought possible, without overwhelm or the risk of burnout.

Meet The Speaker: Cecilie Aslaksen

Cecilie helps people go from newbies to successful entrepreneurs, despite health issues, all while avoiding overwhelm and burnout.

Embrace the Bond With Your Dog

Cultivating Holistic Wellness Between Dogs and Their People.

Meet The Speaker: Charline Touchard

Charline helps dog parents build mental, physical, and emotional wellness with their best friend. 


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