The Genius Spotlight Day One

Where 33 Top Experts Share their Never-Shared Before Top Secret Strategies For Extraordinary Growth In Life, Business, Health & Relationships

Attract Clients Who Fall in Love With You

Find clients and customers who love you, and you'll love to work with! 

Meet The Speaker: Keshia Rice

Keshia Rice is a relationship coach hypnotherapist. She helps women heal intergenerational trauma, uncover unhealthy patterns, and attract healthy relationships. Keshia is also a two-time Emmy-nominated journalist, understanding the importance of communication skills, and navigating work-life balance. Keshia and her husband live in Atlanta, Georgia, but she loves to travel. She’s been to several states, and ten countries.

Make £100k+ with corporate clients (even if you never sold to corporates before)

Exclusive masterclass with the exact steps to reach 6 figures with corporate clients in 2023 even if you're starting from scratch with no offer, connections, and abhor boring corporate styles!

Meet The Speaker: Miriam Gilbert

A successful 6-figure corporate consultant, former CFO, and Big 4 Strategy Consultant who has advised Fortune 500 companies. As a neuroscience nerd with 20+ years of experience in corporate decision-making, I know how corporate buyers think and what makes them get the budget for your offer. She's passionate about helping entrepreneurs, having guided over 120 students, from corporate escapees to newbie consultants, in clarifying their message, building programs, designing lead-generation strategies, and mastering sales conversations. 

A one-woman tech service-based online business

3 key tech components driving success in online entrepreneurship and understand how to connect these components seamlessly. 

Meet The Speaker: Neta Talmor

The creator of No Hassle Website and all things No Hassle she makes it possible for non-techie female coaches and entrepreneurs to grow their business, have greater impact and make more money with integrity by empowering them with a No Hassle strategy, teaching them the necessary tactics, and supporting them through the implementation to reach the results they want.

From Inbox to Income

How to Create an Email Course That Captivates and Converts

Meet The Speaker: Seema Bharwani

A Course Experience Designer and the founder of She helps time-starved entrepreneurs create online courses + learning materials that create massive impact for their clients - quickly.
She spent over 14 years in the learning and development industry and has worked with Fortune 100 & 500 companies ( like Nestle, IBM, The World Bank and United Health Group), best-selling authors and motivational speakers (like Lisa Nichols, Melissa Hughes and Ron Malhotra), and 7-figure entrepreneurs like Bushra Azhar helping them create courses and learning materials that get real results - for their business and their clients.

The Video Profit Formula

How online coaches & service providers can create their personal YouTube cash machine with the

 3-part ATM Framework

Meet The Speaker: Gulce Onganer

Gulce Onganer is a full time YouTube content creator, video marketing strategist & the founder of Video Sales Mastery based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She helps ambitious online coaches, consultants & creative service providers go from unknown to in demand with videos that get clicked, get watched & get paid. Video Sales Mastery offers VIP days, intimate group programs & done-for-you YouTube channel management services.

From Chronically K.O to Endless Energy

Make Your Cells Regenerate Faster Each Night While You Sleep (Even if you’ve tried all the supplements, diets, & affirmations out there) 

Meet The Speaker: Shariah Hussenbocus

Shariah Ihsan helps female entrepreneurs decipher their ‘low energy levels’ enigma so they can evolve from chronically exhausted, deep-fried versions of Voldemort to human ‘‘Energizer Rabbits’’ on their terms. And finally earn more, work less & give more without burning out or flaring-up. Shariah is a transformation strategist, clinically-trained functional registered dietitian, Certified Autoimmune Paleo Coach & subconscious recoding geek. 

The Magnetic Membership Blueprint

Attracting Wealth by Transforming Your Expertise into an Exclusive profitable Community.

Meet The Speaker: Nathalie Dorémieux

Nathalie helps heart-centered entrepreneurs turn their expertise and influence into recurring income by helping them create and grow online programs that makes their business future proof. She and her husband do this through The Membership Lab.

“The Introvert Way” is a Lie & a Myth

what it is that's actually holding you back from owning your introversion, from showing up consistently in your business, from gaining your agency, from having the impact and influence you need to get noticed?

Meet The Speaker: Saira Nisa

Saira is the Chief Incredible Introvert & The Rebel Introvert at Incredible Introverts. She calls bullshit on "The Introvert Way" and according to her clients, Saira, make being an introvert fun and manageable.


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