Thank You For The Cookies

Thank you for feeding my never-ending hunger for cookies & cake. Here's what you need to do next:

Step One: Fill out the Landscape Assessment that will help me understand your offer & ideal buyer better. Please fill it out in as much detail as possible but leave out the parts that aren't applicable to you. Please make sure you include all information in this document ONLY and not attach multiple documents to the email.

Step Two: Send me an email at bushra.azhar on gmail with the above and include what you need done in the email copy.

Step Three: I will start work on the makeover at the date you booked me for but I need the landscape assessment filled out and sent to me before I start. So, please make sure you do that or I cant promise delivery on time. Coolio?

If you have bought me a CAKE (totally love you for that), we will chat on the date you booked me so we can discuss your project before I dive in. BUT, I will still need the landscape assessment filled out and emailed to me before your call.

Ready? Let's get this rolling!