Tease, Please & Squeeze: A Simple Framework For Unignorable Emails

When was the last time you received a marketing email that made you want to jump out of your chair like a 3 year old on sugar high?

That made you want to drop everything (kids? what kids? I have kids?) shut out everyone and just curl up with your phone as you devour every single word and laugh out loud like a maniac who has had too many colas?

Now let me ask you this:

When you sit down to write your own marketing emails, do you visualize this reaction when your mail hits the inboxes of your subscribers


Do you visualize a bored grouch, scrolling through his inbox, scowling at the screen and wondering why everyone is trying to rip him off and make him buy something he doesn't  need?

Which one of these reaction do you WANT?

I am assuming it’s the first one. It’s the first reaction that creates loyal fans, grows lists, makes sales, gets I love yous in your inbox every day and makes you infinitely more persuasive than everyone in your industry.

So how do you get that reaction?

Three words




No, it’s not as dirty as it sounds.

It simply means this:

Create an emotional arc in your email that starts from the TEASE and ends at the SQUEEZE

umm still a bit dirty…

OK..try this..

Tease them with an information gap, a disruption of their mental patterns, a nagging unanswered question in the subject line

Please them with the answer to that question in the email itself but then open another tease tied in to the primary objective of the email

Squeeze a YES out of them by giving them a chance to do something  that will leave them dazed as oxytocin fountains explode all over their brains

Let's take a look at how this works.

Example One: Ramit Sethi wants us to click to his website

Tease: He uses a new spin on The Ice Bucket challenge but the subject line hints at something better and different so there is an insistent need to OPEN!

Please: He shows an image that delivers on the implied naughtiness in the subjectline…but since he wants us to go to his website, he only provides a tiny “please” and follows it up with another tease..”It’s not a video, just an image that looks like a video!”

Tease, Please, Squeeze- Ramit Sethi


Squeeze: The click to his website is almost automatic. He doesn't even need to ask you to click. The play screen image squeezes a click right out of the reader.


Example Two: I want people to sign up for my free challenge

Tease: The subject line hints at an image that is interesting and the note about viewer discretion creates even more of “what could it be?”

Please: I satisfy their curiosity by showing them the picture. But on the heels of this “please” comes another tease that squeezes a “click” out of them. 


Tease, Please, Squeeze- Bushra

Squeeze: The claim that I have “accidentally” created something exciting creates an insistent urge for them to click through and check it out.

Bonus point: They come to the landing page, primed with the expectation that what they are about to see is unbelievably exciting.


Example Three: Fran Kern wants people to sign up to his free training.

Tease: The subjectline is simple but it makes you want to at least open and see what is so exciting that it’s making a grown man act like a zitty teenager.

Please: He closes the information gap (the sweet sweet feeling of satisfied curiosity ensues) and then he opens another tease by swerving into the main objective of the email.


Tease, Please, Squeeze- Frank Kern


Squeeze: Since his tease is more of a digital lollipop (126 slides, fun, sell…drooool) the YES that comes with it is effortless.


The Power of Intent & What Makes Unignorable Emails

No I am not going all woo woo on you, trying to convince you of the power of visualizations. What I am talking about is intent, more specifically emotional Intent.

Emotional intent when set right makes people open your email, devour every single line and then do exactly what you ask them to do.

Do not send any email without setting the intent and then using the Tease, Please & Squeeze framework to make it unignorable.

Tease, Please & Squeeze Framework works in every industry and with every type of email in business.Give it a shot!

Unignorable emails: Tease, Please, and Squeeze (a simple framework) Tease, squeeze, and please, a simple framework for unignorable emails #emailmarketing #onlinebusiness #thepersuasionrevolution #copywriting


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