The Sun Is Out

The Flowers Are Blooming

The Sky Screams GO...

Time To Summer Into Action With Our Summer Carnival

Find out how you can change your life, your business, your relationships, your health & your mindset with one small tiny step, and a small tiny investment that takes a small tiny amount of time

The Sun Is Out

The Flowers Are Blooming

The Sky Screams GO...

Time To Summer Into Action With Our Summer Carnival

It's Like Hitting The Reset Button On Your Life, Minus The Anaesthesia Or The Awkward Teenage Phase

This is That Nudge..
To Step Up & Do...
What you can
With what you have
While also getting these life-changing gifts as a thank you!

40+ expert contributors generously sharing some of their best content in this event

Expert Contributor: 

Hemapriya Natesan

Ecommerce Growth Lab Profit Maximiser worth $124


Expert Contributor: Sutton McCraney

Cash Money Magnet is an audio training designed to help busy mom coaches get a quick cash injection without: ads, large audience, or fancy launches.- worth $200

Expert Contributor: Vanessa Corazon

2024 Moonsight Astrology CEO Planning Bundle:
Elevate your business strategy with a simple but comprehensive astrological planning toolkit-worth $241

Expert Contributor:

Andrea Gomez

NATURA: Remembering the codes of Creation to develop a rich language that will support you to navigate your creation process - worth $150

Expert Contributor:

Georgina Nestor

Three copywriting eBooks:

EBOOK 1. Find Your Brand Voice
EBOOK 2. Slam Dunk Sales Page
EBOOK 3. The Templates 

worth $127

Expert Contributor:

Ray Pastoors

Google Analytics 4 Setup Video: All the steps you need to take to set up your Google Analytics 4 account and includes a full checklist.- worth $220

Expert Contributor:

Skye Barbour

Home Help Bundle: This training well help you understand how free up time at home, so you can find more time for the people you LOVE..- worth $126

Expert Contributor:

Gemma Went

Money and Wealth Bundle- Move through your money plateaus as you clear old money and build capacity to receive, readying yourself for those big money goals.
worth $249

Expert Contributor:

Kate Toon

Learn how to write, pitch and market your business book. Learn which publishing method is for you, talk to a real life publisher, find out to get it on Audible and how much this whole thing is going to cost you
worth $100

Expert Contributor:

Holly Loxton

Rich Witch is my signature course to help you bust through your money blocks and reprogram your beliefs so that you are wired for success!
worth $888

Expert Contributor:

Annemiek van Helsdingen

Boundary magic in Coaching Masterclass; Embody exquisite boundaries, up-level your skills, and invite change from within for the people you support.
worth $135

Expert Contributor:

Alyssa Williamson

A training on organizing your day, the mindset on time blocking + actionable strategies, plus a daily tracker to move forward on goals. All based on neuroscience for high performers.
worth $147

Expert Contributor:

Tonisha Stalnaker

Systems that Scale Audit (Normally $500) - 90 min deep dive into your current business systems and processes. We will create a strategy to ensure you are delivering a stellar client experience and creating sustainable processes.
worth $500

Expert Contributor:

Pooja Graham

Slay Stress Like a Boss in 30 Days: Actionable steps to recognise and conquer the daily stressors like finance, health and mindset so that you can stay calm in the face of chaos!
worth $147

Expert Contributor:

Najma Khan

Your Path to Profitability: Ahandy, downloadable guide to your Path to Profitability including calculators to complete an Instant Assessment for your business which will help you assess your current financial health and identify areas for improvement
worth $197

Expert Contributor:

Helen Tudor

The Love Your Business Bundle includes:
- Business Clarity in a Day
- The Get Leads From LinkedIn Challenge
- The LinkedIn Bootcamp
- The Guest Expert
- The LinkedIn Cash Machine
- Bring your "£99 Thing" to the World
worth $824

Expert Contributor:

Shazia Imam

Secrets to Your Wealthy Life! Masterclass:
Learn the 7 languages of wealth and how to speak yours fluently so you can be free to do what you want, when you want,

how you want!
worth $297

Expert Contributor:

Marsha Shandur

Storytelling and Keynote Bundle: How to write a Captivating Keynote, TEDx or any presentation that is memorable and drives positive change in your audience's behaviour.
worth $150

Expert Contributor:

Sumble Khan

How to Social Proof Your Business:
Learn how to get valuable feedback/customer insights from clients before they work
with you and how to ask (and get!) the perfect testimonial for you to showcase.
worth $100

Expert Contributor:

Katherine Wehler

QUANTUM VISION BOARD WORKSHOP + TEMPLATE - Aid you in seamlessly taking on your next quantum leap, release resistance or fear, and work as a catalyst to realizing everything your body and mind have truly been desiring!
worth $111

Expert Contributor:

Emily Dolton

A guide for business owners on how to find the Golden Nuggets and Bottlenecks in their Facebook Ads, and how to turn them into Consistent Sales Growth so they can improve the performance of their ads.
worth $100

Expert Contributor:

Vanessa Jeny

Reset 30-Day Guided Experience:

This month-long journey is designed to reset all the key areas of your life at the start of a new season.
worth $100

Expert Contributor:

Dr Bree Hurn

A masterclass for mindset, time and energy investment that will take you through a four-part evidence-based framework to realise the ways that personal values influence decision-making in business and family life so you can DO LESS TO CREATE MORE MAGIC:
worth $107

Expert Contributor: Keshani Kurera

Big Money Launching - The exact pre-work videos I share with my launch mastermind to set them up for a highly successful and highly profitable launch.- worth $497

Expert Contributor: Meagan Beltekoglu

ClickUp Operations Template Bundle - organize the backend of your business with this comprehensive bundle 

worth $175

Expert Contributor: Leonor Herrera

Branding with Archetypes
Discover your Brand Archetype, that unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnet.- worth $111

Expert Contributor: Cecilie Aslaksen

Time Optimization for Mental Wellness in Business: Unlock expert-curated techniques to boost productivity and reduce stress.
worth $111

Expert Contributor: Shadya Karawi Name

Moon Magic: Unlocking the Power of Your Astrological Moon, delve into the significance of understanding your astrological moon worth $222

Expert Contributor: Cindy Van Arnam

Master Your Mind, Master Your Destiny - a 10 week journey to self-discovery & pure freedom so that you never again self-sabotage, get beat up by your inner critic, or get sidelined by someone else again worth $444

Expert Contributor: Thilan Legierse

Confident with Conflict: Recognise and neutralise high emotions, anxiety, and tension of others, including your own so tension subsides in no time- worth $147

Expert Contributor: Farhana Goga

Become A Money Magnet: A video and workbook process to begin to change your relationship with money and your outcomes with it. worth $111

Expert Contributor: Sheila Hawkins

Time Mastery Masterclass helps those struggling to manage their days &
shows them what's going on during your days so shifts can be made, define what's important, and begin to make productivity personal worth $297

Expert Contributor: Amanda Heath

1) The ebook 'How to Build a Profitable Art Business'
2) 'Money Mindset for Creatives
3) A workshop on How to Create 100 days of social media content in just 4 hrs!

worth $147

Expert Contributor: Jane McKay

Three-month free trial (no coupon required) to The Hearts & Minds Marketing Formula - the ultimate aligned and intentional marketing approach that helps you create clarity in your marketing so you can confidently take consistent action.

worth $153

Expert Contributor: Nilofer Safdar

Healing In Your Hands: SuJok For Pain Relief:  A powerful, natural solution for pain relief through the ancient practice, a form of acupressure that specifically works on the hands and feet to create healing in the whole body.

worth $297

Expert Contributor: Solera

Over 7 Success Blocks By Solera, a spiritual channel that connects people to both their inner and outer wealth. She transforms people's thoughts, beliefs, and actions so that they become a match to the highest version of their Future Self.

worth $222

Expert Contributor: Yummii Nguyen

Masterclass Series for the Transformational Leader:  A series of 6 Masterclasses and 1 Meditation that will support any Entrepreneur/ Coach that is doing healing and Spiritual work; and to navigate family and relationship challenges.

worth $497

Expert Contributor: Lisa Maria Padilla

From Validating Your Idea to Selling Without The "Ickiness:
To achieve freedom as a business owner and get a clear and easy-to-follow path toward building your empire not only in happy smiles but also in numbers in the bank.

worth $495

Expert Contributor: Colette McBeth 

Discover the bestseller:
12 potent messaging frameworks that sell YOU the story-powered way.

worth $285

Expert Contributor: Shariah Ihsan

The “Fatigue Detector ToolKit:
Decode your fatigue and fix energy leaks in just 5 minutes a day without depending on motivation or willpower 

so you don’t have to deal with the exhausting effects of anxiety, depression, and that feeling of ‘life passing you by’.  

worth $175

Expert Contributor: Shannon Miller

Learn how to secure your Social Media using the SAFE system for maximum privacy, how to deal with cyber harassment & stalking, and understand how your mobile devices & physical safety are connected to protect you, your family & your business.

worth $100

Expert Contributor: Caroline Betz

The Entrepreneur's Nervous System Toolkit that soothes your frazzled nervous system, extends self-compassion, and breaks procrastination so
you can tap into your inner sages and fall deeply asleep.

worth $100

Expert Contributor: Laili Gonzalez and Jennifer Latham

The Empowered Evolution Bundle: Learn what Feng Shui is and the importance of our physical environment in creating a life of success, health and joy + Year of the Dragon Masterclass helps people navigate the annual energies.

worth $111

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