Persuasion Teardowns: See How I Revamp 5 lame About Pages Using Psychology- Video

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a mean, wicked witch of the wild Middle East on the inside (who gloats at picking faults in other people) but spread-glitter-and-rainbows-wherever-I-go on the outside( don’t want people to hate me…..especially people I know and like)

Why was this self-analysis important?

Because I did a random persuasion makeover video for my Facebook group last week and it was a huge hit and people told me they loved the makeovers and the lessons that came with it.


It was tough for me to give critical feedback because I know and love everyone on that video…

So I came up with the idea of The Persuasion Teardowns

A video series where I not only get to feed my “mean” neurons but also help people who I know find this exercise extremely useful.

This is how The Persuasion Teardowns work:

Step One: Take random things from the internet that I feel are meh/boiled chicken/ whatevs

Step Two: Give that she*t a real teardown…without the guilt

Step Three: Lament at the lack of common sense in human beings and smirk at my obviously superior intellectual capabilities

Step Four: Hope that you guys learn something useful in the process

Step Five: Pray that the teardown victims never find out about this video

This week I am tackling about pages and going after some pages that I find can do so much better with their virtual CV if only they understand the psychology behind why people click over to an about page.

I talk about the mental process, the persuasion sequence in the video as well as a tear down of 5 about pages.

Check it out below and there’s also a super-cool offer that I make at the end of the video so better watch till the very end….or risk missing out on this mega awesomeness.

Click Here to Access The Persuasion Quickies


How did you find the video? Curling your toes because you are making the exact same mistakes in your about pages? Glowing with pride because you have it nailed?

If you are in the former category, I have an indecent proposal for you (It’s so unbelievable, it’s barely decent)

I am sharing my own secret formula for kick-ass about pages, plus 6 content recipes in a step-by-step mini-training and you can get your paws on this training right here.

It costs less than a meal at Burger King but will transform your about page from boiled chicken to fillet mignon.

Check it out here and don’t forget to spread the word


Persuasion Teardowns: See how I revamp 5 lame about pages using psychologyPersuasion Teardowns: See how I revamp 5 lame about pages using psychology

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  1. Amelia on June 1, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Embarrassingly accurate. Re-wrote my About page while watching the video. Thank you SO MUCH!

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