How they persuade: Selena Soo

How They Persuade: Selena Soo

How They Persuade is not your regular interview series (What? You expect regular from me? WTF is wrong with you?)
Instead, this is a unique interview style interrogation where I drill my guests with some random scenarios and they need to tell me how they will persuade the other person in that scenario.

The first person I am drilling is Selena Soo.
Check it out below (bet you will feel like a wretched person after listening to her calm, collected, peaceful approach to most disasters. I did)

Selena is the creator of Impacting Millions. She teaches business owners how to elevate their brand, reach more people and so, of course, impact millions!



Selena’s WTF, FML and OMG moments in business

OMG:  When in 2016 the business passed the $1m  mark, despite Selena never having been sure she could ever make money (hello?!)

WTF: Promoting a live event  and finding out the  main speaker wouldn’t be attending via a  Facebook status update. (yes REALLY!) And then managed to remain friends (JFYI I would totally lose my  shit and egg their house if this happened to me.)

FML:  Visa issues meant Selena was stuck in New Zealand not knowing whether she  could get back into the  US,  to make a stressful situation even worse, it was right before her live event.


How Selena Persuades

Where I give my guests horrible scenarios to persuade themselves out of. There's a reason I enjoy  horror movies so much you know…

Scenario 1

You are stuck on a deserted island with a person you deeply despise, how will  you persuade them to cooperate so you both live?

Selena: I would  find a way to like the person.  No one wants to be an asshole, no one w ants to be  annoying.

I would share things about me that were vulnerable and open and get to know the person on a deeper level. Find that one thing that I DO like about them.

Scenario 2

You’re lost in the woods and you can only send one voice message to someo ne to  come and get you and save you. What do you say?

Selena: I would be hysterical! I would let them know to stop what they are doing  and come and get me, NOW!

Scenario 3

Your team member  / client / partner  tries to engage you in a heated political debate. What do you do?

Selena: I would say “I can see that this is something you’re passionate about  and I appreciate your perspective. I don’t  feel like I’m informed enough  to have a really strong stance and there are multiple perspectives. This is something I want to learn more about.” I would keep things pretty neutral  unless it was something really bad.

Scenario 4

On a webinar someone asks you a question  you don’t know the answer to.  How do you respond? 

Selena: I would  tell them I’d check and get back to them. There's no point giving an answer that won't help the person. Better to be honest and say you don't have an answer right away but DO make sure you follow up with it!

Scenario 5

A client asks you for something  which is not part of your package or offerings. Do you give it to them? 

Selena: Why would I reward someone who is trying to break my boundaries down?!

I would usually just say I am unable to do that. Or I’d get my assistant to reply explaining the situation and offering the next best thing.

Scenario 6

You inadvertently but publicly said something offensive to someone. How do you fix it? 

Selena: I would thank them for taking the time to share the feedback with me, and let them know I would take that perspective into account in the future.

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  1. Joel on February 23, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Bushra awesome interview with Selena, and i have to say I was truly entertained by your style… .authentically genuine and passionate. I’m a fan of Selena’s work and have listened to a number of her podcast interviews, this one added the most color to her amazing story.

    • Selena Soo on March 4, 2017 at 5:43 pm

      Thank you so much Joel! This was totally different from any interview I’ve ever done!

  2. Vidya on March 19, 2017 at 5:23 am

    Although I have heard about you from Nicole (all great things), this is the first time I heard your interview. It’s amazing how an introvert from another country can make a difference in so many lives. One day, I will be there too. I am glad I got to know a few things about you. 🙂 I am officially going to stalk you. 😉

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