Swipe The Script: A Guest Post Pitch That Is Virtually Impossible to Ignore

The first month I started my business, I reached out to 12 websites for guest posts and heard back from eight of them.

These were all extremely relevant, extremely competitive places and yet I heard back.

I didn't have a website or any credentials (in that niche) or even any online connections….and yet I heard back.

I had few samples of my writings on Medium.com and a simple landing page (done on Fiverr and was typical of the quality of work you get for being cheap)

How did I make that happen?

The Method

I used a tested script…a script that I know gets my emails opened by top executives and media professionals so even though I didn’t have a blog… just a promise of great content, I still heard back.

But it would be unfair to say that it was JUST the email script, As you will see in the script, I had taken the time to connect with these editors on social media (in this case followed them on Twitter) and engaged with them (RT’d and @reply to some of their best content) and read up on their most recent stuff.

And that means that I was coming from a place of genuine interest and appreciation and they had my name somewhere in their memory files. It is easier for us to open and respond to emails that come from familiar names and if you have taken the time to connect, your name will light up the good feelings in the subconscious (they may not consciously remember you but your name will send out positive vibes because they associate it with positive feelings of validation & appreciation)

I urge you to do the same before you send the first email.

Then my friend, I promise you a response rate of 60%+ as well.

The Script

Hey there <insert first name>

I’m writing today to send a gushing torrent of appreciation in your direction… school-girl crush story straight ahead, don’t mind if I step over my own toes…

I freaking LOVE what you are doing over at <insert website name> I love you mission, your language, you brand voice, everything and you recent post about <insert recent post topic from their website> totally stuck a chord with me.

As if that was not enough, I also happen to (lovingly) stalk you over at Twitter and lust after your hair.

<insert short bio>

I would love to offer myself as a potential guest-contributor for <insert name of their website> and I am positive that my work will resonate with your people and make them fall even more in love with you and your website (as if you already don't have enough fans)

Some ideas that I think would resonate well with your people and that tie in with the overall brand voice of your website are:

Idea one and why it would work for the website
Idea two and why it would work for the website
Idea three and why it would work for the website

If this feels like a hesitant yes or even a maybe, I could shoot over the final piece(s) in 2-3 days and we can take it from there…

Gratitude and my everlasting, slightly cooky respect…always.

Swipe This Script: A pitch that is virtually impossible to ignoreSwipe This Script: A sales pitch that is virtually impossible to ignore


  1. Joshua Lisec on February 22, 2016 at 2:16 am

    This script abso-friggin-lutely works!!!!

    For newbies reading this who at one time — like me — thought that major guest posts on high-traffic websites were exclusive to the echelons of ivory tower folk, take heart!

    I used the exact script right here as part of a 5-step process to successfully land my first major guest post on a website with thousands and thousands of readers. Got a few subscribers out of the dealio, too 🙂

    So bottom line, do as Miss Bushra says, fellow students, and life won’t smack you on the hand with a ruler — that’s her job (if you f*ck sh*t up). 🙂

    • bushra.a on February 22, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      I am just blow away by your kind words…humbled & grateful & everything in-between

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