SEPTEMBER 12 - 15 2023

The Top 1% Conference Is Here!

Where 35 Top Experts Share their Never-Shared Before Top Secret Strategies For Extraordinary Growth In Life, Business, Health & Relationships

This Is The Closest You’ll Ever Get To Complete Mental, Physical And Professional Transformation Without A Brain Transplant



Watch the quirkiest, brainiest, and downright genius experts spill the beans on strategies that are so top secret, they make the X-Files look like a bedtime story.



everything– from slaying your business goals, to mastering health hacks that'll have you saying "kale yeah!" And even mindset secrets that'll make zen masters jealous.


In Free Gifts

Whether you're aiming to conquer the business world, achieve superhero-level health, or turn your entire life into a rom-com plot, we've got you covered with free training worth $10,000+ 

Imposter Syndrome Be Gone - Forever!

Unveiling the science-backed, proven (but covert) formula to get your clients ditching Imposter Syndrome forever in the next six weeks, even if they (and you!) feel like they've tried everything.

Meet The Speaker: Clare Josa

Global authority in Imposter Syndrome & creator of The Soultuitive® Coaching Lab training for Master Coaches in-the-making.

Limitless Referrals From Facebook Groups

Unveiling the proven (but covert) formula for limitless referrals from Facebook groups.

Meet The Speaker: TaVona Denise

TaVona is an organic marketing specialist for coaches and subject matter experts who want to build a profitable business without having to crank out content.

Burnout Proof In 10 Minutes a Day

How to handle stress like a Zen master and become burnout proof in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Meet The Speaker: Asuna Osako

 A social worker and drama therapist by trade, I combine my years of experience and knowledge of neuroscience & psychology as a trauma therapist with indigenous Japanese wisdom, offering purpose-driven professionals a transformative path to becoming high performing difference makers with balanced lives.

Magic Moments: How to Build a Legacy

Learn simple tricks for transforming an experience into a ‘magic moment’ and turning those moments into memories that last a lifetime. 

Meet The SpeakerAnne Armstrong

Meet the creator of one of the most transformational memory-making experiences the world has ever seen and learn her secrets for making memories that last a lifetime. 

Effortless Business Growth For Absolute Newbies

Go from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur faster than you ever thought possible, without overwhelm or the risk of burnout

Meet The Speaker: Cecilie Aslaksen

I help people go from newbies to successful entrepreneurs, despite health issues, all while avoiding overwhelm and burnout.

Effortless Diabetes Management

Master the lifestyle techniques to manage Type 2 Diabetes effortlessly & without the need to pop endless pills or add more things to your to-do list.

Meet The Speaker: Pooja Graham

Wholesome Warrior on a mission to help women diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes to rediscover their vibrant health by using lifestyle changes without overwhelm.

Own Your Worth, 3X Your Profit

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Price Like They Mean It and Cultivate Sustainable Margins.

Meet The Speaker: Kelly Baader

Founder and creator of SheInherited LLC: The place to be for courageous Christ-Centered female founders to experience the unwavering love of God and the electrifying rush of unleashing your full potential to soar to your highest level of Influence and Profit!

Maximize Your Full Potential

The amazing secret that Tony Robbins uses to Maximize His Full Potential …. When Tony does it, you know it’s the real deal!

Meet The Speaker: Deborah Peever

I am Deborah Jean, master of the nervous system who calms the chaos with my superpower of conscious intentional breath.

Quantum Shifting Success System 

Create what sets your Soul on Fire using modern metaphysical science and ancient Akashic and ancestral techniques

Meet The Speaker: Angela Martin King

Discover why the world’s most impactful empowerment leaders use the Soul Advantage, a Quantum Shifting Success system that uses modern metaphysical science and ancient Akashic and ancestral techniques to call in the next phase of career alignment and evolution.

Human Design Leadership

Discover the leader you were born to be & simplify your path to success with Human Design.

Meet The Speaker: Irene Moore

Irene Moore is a certified Human Design reader and award-winning strategist to global brands in the beauty, wellness & luxury space. In this talk she shares how Human Design can help uncover the highest potential in yourself and others.

The CRAZY Secret to Your True SELF

You're not crazy, you're AMAZING! The "Secret" about your Self: How to start following your OWN path NOW, without feeling like it's impractical, too late, or that you're unworthy.

Meet The Speaker: Terral Sykes

Soul Advocate - I help empower purpose-driven visionaries to let their Souls "out of the closet" & live the abundant life of their dreams.

Break Generational Trauma Cycle Forever!

5 Keys to breaking the generational cycle of your challenging mother/daughter relationship: Finally transform your relationship with your mother/daughter from stressful (or toxic) to loving, trusting and accepting.

Meet The Speaker: Sandra Graneau

I am Sandra Graneau, a Transformational Coach and Trauma Conscious Master Practitioner in ENLP Coaching, Quantum Time Release, and Hypnotherapy who helps women heal from their challenging daughter/mother relationships to become whole, have peace of mind and break Generational Cycles.

Holistic Well-being Secrets of The World's Wealthiest Women

Unveiling the proven (but covert) 90-day program used by the world's wealthiest women executives to achieve holistic well-being, reduced stress levels, and profound peace, harmony and fulfillment in both their career and family lives!

Meet The Speaker: Kristie Alers

I transform stressed-out, anxious, high-achieving, career supermoms into Zen masters of work-life harmony, by using a unique blend of cutting-edge, science-backed, health protocols and the ancient medicinal wisdom of nature.

Hacking Emotional Intelligence In Under 60 Seconds

Swipe, steal and deploy the miraculous 3 step Emotional Intelligence hack to achieve unfuckwithable inner peace in a minute or less.

Meet The Speaker: Anne Aleckson

Anne Aleckson is a Mystic, Channel and Author giving a voice to the power within you and creating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation through her new book Mind Your Own Vibration; Be Unfuckwithable and her unique TransformationalConversationTM Methodology and One Minute Miracle (OMM) emotional healing technique.

Silencing Your Inner Critic

Learn the science of mind-body connection AND neuroplasticity, the revolutionary trauma-conscious S.E.L.F. Method (previously ONLY available to the Top 1% CEOs)

Meet The Speaker: Candace Burkart

Using the science of mind-body connection AND neuroplasticity, the revolutionary trauma-conscious S.E.L.F. Method (previously ONLY available to the Top 1% CEOs) is now helping high achievers debilitated by everyday life to finally regain control over their emotions, relationships, finances and work in as little as 6 weeks!

3 Minute Frequency Elevation

How to Raise Your Frequency In 3 minutes to Easily Manifest Dream Clients and More Income Without Sacrificing Your Time.

Meet The Speaker: Madelaine Coelyn

As a Neuro-Alchemist, Madelaine Coelyn blends ancient techniques with scientifically backed tools to help Conscious Entrepreneurs create more impact, money and time with her signature method, Bring Your Future Self. 

Your Golden Goose Membership 

The science of earning 4-figures from a low-cost membership: Launch your glistening Golden Goose membership program in a week without fuss and dreadful monthly deliverables.

Meet The Speaker: Faith Lee

Meet the phoenix who rose from the ashes of multiple failures in her life to become a 6-figure mompreneur and online business coach who teaches thousands of students the art and science of building a thriving online business through selling easy-to-create digital products and 'sleaze-free-gimme-more' email marketing. 

Find Hidden Cash Now

Become a cash value expert and achieve financial security faster than you ever thought possible.

Meet The Speaker: Rebecca Thompson

I help families find money they are unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring away every month so they can get the financial security they crave.

Decode Your Chronic Illness

Discover the actual root cause to your chronic illness that doctors never tell you about & that is the first giant leap towards resolving your health issues for good.

Meet The Speaker: Sadhna Chaman

As a Mind-Body Transformation Specialist and second generation homeopath I use the Spirituality Alignment Discipline Homeopathy Neuroscience Activation System to help women step in to their health and life powerfully, naturally and with ease from within. 

Master Objections Alchemy For Effortless Sales

Say goodbye to the sales struggle—discover the ultimate path to consistent life-changing income, all while staying true to yourself.

Meet The Speaker: Judit Mueller-Kiss

A Sales Strategist and Transformation Magician. Evolving from a sales-avoidance virtuoso to an empowerment powerhouse, she guides women entrepreneurs in conquering objections, boosting sales, amplifying impact, and unlocking personal freedom.

Embrace the Bond With Your Dog

Cultivating Holistic Wellness Between Dogs and Their People.

Meet The Speaker: Charline Touchard

I help dog parents build mental, physical, and emotional wellness with their best friend. ❤️🐾

Stop The Scroll Imagery

How to have amazing imagery to stop the scroll and reach your ideal client through all the Social Media junk.

Meet The Speaker: Ivonne Carlo Sellés

Ivonne, a photographer and image specialist with over 20 years' experience, blends cinematic storytelling with fashion and beauty, and passionately empowers women through transformative sessions at her San Juan-based studio, Foto Atelier.

Messaging Triggers For Captivating Content

BOMBSHELL REVELATION: How little known entrepreneurs are becoming key players as Kingdom XLR8tors leveraging hidden messaging triggers to create content that converts.

Meet The Speaker: Angela Money

Angela is a Messaging & Marketing Strategist teaching tiny brands how to get seen, heard, and paid in the online space using the power of buyer psychology and human behavior to create content that converts.

Ignite Your Yoga Business

Fill Classes, Build Waitlists Crack the Code to 2x Clients and Free Time in Just 8 Weeks.

Meet The Speaker: Christine Stiessel

With my guidance, yoga enthusiasts wholeheartedly master the art of teaching yoga, and develop a flourishing yoga business that reflects their unwavering love for the ancient discipline.

Subscription Box Business From Scratch

How to start a subscription box business from scratch that subscribers never want to leave, using my 4 step formula that converts sub box start ups into sub box superstars.

Meet The Speaker: Jacqueline Brown

I’m your Memberships Mixologist helping 9-5 Escapees transition to Nomadic Entrepreneurs using recurring revenue business models making that moolah on repeat.

A-list celebrity Beauty Secrets (minus the surgery)

My A-list celebrity clients want this KEPT a secret… But here’s how to get your hands on this impossible-to-find strategy for feeling authentically beauty confident at any age - without surgery and cosmetic procedures. Call it The EileenLeaks, if you will..

Meet The Speaker: Eileen Kastner-Delago

REVEALED: EKD FaceWardrobe®, the revolutionary, registered Beauty Gene Activating system, previously only available to a handful of A-list Hollywood & Bollywood celebrities. This is the missing puzzle piece in the beauty routine of beauty-conscious women 40+ seeking to look and feel their best at any age in under 10 months without adding cosmetic procedures to their routine. Founded by Eileen Kastner-Delago, an award-winning Hollywood Makeup Artist, Holistic beauty Architect and globally licensed skincare Science & Ingredients expert.

Mind Reading for Musical Auditions 

How to Go From Queasy and Concerned to Callbacks and Cast Lists By Reading the Director's Mind To Deliver The EXACT Audition to Get Your Dream Role

Meet The Speaker: Stacy Moscotti

Theatre Kid Audition Coach Stacy Moscotti has played more musical theatre dream roles than she can count and has starred as the title role in National Tours and now teaches the science, art, skill and strategy (SASS) of auditions to theatre kids, coaching on how to give auditions that get the part, no matter your experience, talent level, or nerves.

Decode Your Food Choices

Give me just 15 minutes and I’ll give you the biggest “aha" around why you eat what you eat, so you can set yourself free around food once and for all. 

Meet The Speaker: Karen Knowler

Karen Knowler is the visionary role model for women who want to drop weight, look hot and fall back in love with food, no matter how much crap they’ve eaten in the past.

Dealing With The Boss From Hell

My boss is a Disney Villian...what do I do?

Meet The Speaker: Iyo Irabor

Iyo Irabor is the Founder of Insightfully; the online coaching studio that helps you work with the qualities that make you interesting, original and unstoppable.

Be Gorgeously Productive

Effortless productivity: Accomplish 4-day work week within four weeks without any stress.

Meet The Speaker: Meelika Heikaus

I help ambitious women accelerate their success without feeling like they have to sell their soul to the devil. 

Ask So They Say Yes!

Speak Up, Ask for, and Get What You Want, Even If You Hate Bothering People.

Meet The Speaker: Laura M Camacho

Recovering awkward person and communication coach Laura Camacho, PhD, equips introvert smarties all over the world to speak up and get what they want!

Recode Your Brain For Success

Transform your Mindset, Revolutionise your Wealth: Unleashing success & abundance through brain recoding.

Meet The Speaker: Ursula O'Connell

Ursula O’Connell is a leading Peak Performance Coach & Strategist who helps top female Entrepreneurs create rich & wealthy lives with cutting edge mindset recoding techniques.

Unlock your LinkedIn potential 

Find out how lawyers and (legal) entrepreneurs can become industry frontrunners by leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Meet The Speaker: Marloes Kuipers

With over 10 years of experience as an attorney, her highly entrepreneurial mindset made her start her own company, aimed at helping lawyers and (legal) entrepreneurs become industry frontrunners.

Discover Your Introvert Archetype 

Revealed - Why “The Introvert Way” is BS - Come, discover your Introvert Archetype instead, and put it to good use in less than an hour.

Meet The Speaker: Saira Nisa

I’m Saira Nisa Chief Incredible Introvert & Introvert Transformation Genius, at Incredible Introverts; I call bullshit on “The Introvert Way” and help introverted entrepreneurs & professionals weed out and annihilate the blocking behaviours holding you back so that you can; turn your mindshits into mindshifts go from Invisible Introvert to Incredible Introvert and own your introversion Without selling your soul to the extravert devil.

Algorithm Alchemy

How to use the power of Algorithm Alchemy & automation to add rocket-fuel to your reach & revenvue without spending all your waking hours on social media.

Meet The Speaker: Lisa Hubbard

I empower bad ass entrepreneurs to increase their reach and revenue using algorithm alchemy to stop the overwhelm of 24/7 social media and automate their abundance to spend more time impacting lives for good!

SEPTEMBER 12 - 15 2023

Time For You to Learn From The Top 1% So You Can BE The Top 1%

No matter what you sell, who you are or what you struggle with..all without having to spend a single penny or doing things that make you want to puke in your purse.

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