Come Hither…

Like a skilled, old-fashioned seducer (think Clooney or my man Depp) I want to woo you gradually.

Test Squeeze Page

Step one: Come Hither, You Lovely One


I see you visit sometimes.

You hang around for a bit; a look here, a glance there and then you leave… on tiptoes.

I know commitment scares you and you aren’t even sure you like me enough YET.

So, let me hold your hand and show you around a bit:

Here is my Blog in its entire fancy splendor

and here is a free 30 Day Online Persuasion Challenge that you can join if you are into that kind of thing

Now, can I have your number?

Step Two: Let’s Court

I really like your smile.

How do you do this thing where the smile starts sloooooowly and then spreads across your whole face…all the way to your forehead?

I know you fancy my shtick so let’s get to know each other better now. Shall we?

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Ohh and I will also send you a persuasion toolkit that I can guarantee you will fall in love with!


Hit me up at and let's talk. No pressure, promise!

Step Three: Let’s go Steady (because why not?)

I like You. You Like Me. Why Wait? Let's start.


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The End. The Beginning.