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What Would It Mean for Your Business

If, Instead of Making 5 Sales a Day, You Made 10 or 15 or 20?

I will show you how I made small changes to the copy and layout, implemented some psychological hooks and reworked the positioning that led to a 200% increase in sales for one of our clients.

And the best part?

You don’t have to do anything groundbreaking…

No need to invest in new product development

No need to redo your entire website or spend thousands on branding

The truth is….

When it comes to selling stuff, the most effective tool is an understanding of human psychology.

There. I said it.

You can spend hours debating over your call to action button, the color of your banner, the size and font of the text and even the border of the wretched home page. BUT it all boils down to this:

  • Do you understand what makes people tick?

  • Do you know how to get inside their brains?

  • Do you know how to invoke emotions in them?

And using that knowledge to persuade, influence and SELL!

That’s the philosophy behind everything I do.

You will not find any tactic, trick or method that is not backed by behavioral psychology or consumer research. Promise!

What Would It Mean For Your Business If:

You could hook your ideal buyer in 30 Seconds or less?

If they could look at your offering or your ad and their subconscious would force them to click, subscribe or buy?

What if your price becomes a non-issue because they just HAVE to have it?

What if you had to stop trying so hard to sell, to get them to pay you your worth?

Imagine the possibilities.

 Who Do I work with?

You are my ideal client if you are:

  • A tiny businesses (I define that as a business that’s making less than 300K or has been in existence for less than 3 years)
  • Have a solid business idea but your business is just not gaining traction (people come, they show interest and they leave without buying anything)
  • Have a decent amount of interest from your target market but it doesn't actually translate into sales.


See below for three ways you can work the magic of psychology on your business.