Give Me One Weekend a Month & Walk Away With Your Online Course
Created, Launched & Ready to Sell

Using Our Revolutionary BRaiN System That Combines Your Brilliance, Our Proprietary AI Software & Neuro Marketing Principles Tested & Optimised Over 100,000 Businesses Across 150+ Industries

and it comes with 3 guarantees

GUARANTEED: The Last Business Building Course You Will Ever Buy

Because it’s not a course, it’s a complete end to end system & it’s dynamically updated on a daily basis.

There are no laughably redundant strategies, no theory, no pre-done, pre-created, pre-recorded anything. All fresh, All new, All optimized, All realigned to make sure it fits the new normal we all live in

GUARANTEED: You Will Become Recession-proof, Objection-proof and Competition-proof

Using the shortest most effective path to launching so that you don’t spend hours (weeks, months even years) planning, wondering & losing your mind. No investing $10K for a coach or mastermind. Just trusting the system, taking actions that GET results & making lots of money…all in one fell swoop

GUARANTEED: No Need for Any Experience, Audience or Social Media Presence

No need to know marketing, product-creation, list-building, copywriting, design..nothing at all.

I’ll show you every trick, tactic, and technique you need to create hyper-profitable products from scratch at jaw-dropping speed, plus give you time-tested strategies optimized to be effective today.

But First, Let's Get These Brain Farts Out Of The Way, Shall We?

Choose your brain fart from the list below & hover over it to find out approach on addressing that brain fart so you can stop stinking up your brain & actually start making money with your genius!

I don't have an offer!
That means you will be able to create the right offer injected with the right believability triggers and have it launched and ready to sell so that you attract buyers, not just freebie hunters
My offer does not sell
No problem. We will take your offer and give it a persuasion makeover so that the same exact offer that has only attracted crickets and freebie hunters in the past will now attract eager hungry buyers ready to throw their wallets at your face.
I don't have an audience
Great, then this is an opportunity for you to build the right list with the right buying intentions at the right time. In my world, we only focus on building a list of buyers from very start and make sure that we ONLY attract buyers with purchase intention.
I have an audience of freebie hunters
At least you're not starting from zero. Time to make your people such an awe- inspiring rejection-proof offer for that it will be virtually impossible for them not to buy from you.
I am completely changing directions
Then change for the better. Take your existing learnings, combine them with our proven systems to make sure your new direction is a 100 times better than your last one.
I don't have time
The reason you think you don't have time is because you have been sold the lie that you have to be working day in and day out 24/7. I’m here to tell you that whatever needs to happen in your business for a full month can be done and executed in one weekend.
I suck at copy
Not a Problem! With the tools & templates included here, you don't even have to write copy. All you have to do is to take the copy the system writes you for, add your flavour (if needed) and you are done.
I suck at selling
No worries! You don't have to sell when your offer is injected with the right persuasion triggers with the right believability markers & activities the right buying emotions, the offers sell themselves.
I’m a tech noob
You can be a total tech noob and still have your offer up & running in mere hours.
No one is less techie than I am and I managed to do everything on my own, just as you would after you are done with this system.
I have tried everything!
Not to sound arrogant bit have you tried ME before?
With 10 years of experience, 17,000+ paying clients & 1,000+ testimonials under my belt, you can safely assume I know a thing or 100 about succeeding.
Also, I’m brainy & funny & I like to nerd out on buyer psychology.
I’m in a weird industry
Whether you are a buddhist monk or a porn artist,. these techniques work in every industry. If you have knowledge you want to share online, this system will get you there. Whether you wish to create an ebook or a  course or even an empire, this will get you there. Bottom line: Do the work and this system will get you the results.
I am not a fan of AI
Neither are we! We only use AI as an extra brain & an extra pair of hands to add the speed to the process. We place equal value on your brain, our proven frameworks & neuro-marketing principles along with the support and the systems we have in place to make sure you get the most out of the system without only relying on AI.

The Lie Of The Always On Illusion & why money loves speed

For the longest time, we have been told this lie that we need to be always on. I call it the Always On Illusion that tells us we need to be constantly creating, constantly posting, constantly selling, constantly launching, constantly be ON all the time.
And that is exhausting.
If you're tired of the constant hustle.pitch.launch.sell.lather.rinse.repeat, then I suggest that you will set aside one weekend a month and create everything you need to create to not just launch your offer, but sell it, get the leads.

 And then the rest of the month, you can use it whatever way you want and if that means lounging around in your undies eating caramel popcorn (or really any kind of popcorn) then be it.

And no it is not just about freeing up extra time, it’s also about recognising that MONEY LOVES SPEED.

My biggest brightest & most profitable launches are the ones that I conceptualize, create & launch super fast.

So listen here & listen well, if you want to make lots of money…commit today to...

Launch Ugly- Launch Fast

Because…Money Loves Speed

Our brains are messy little buggers, if we let them ponder too long in the planning stage, they tend to make us doubtful, even mistrustful of our own talents.

And THAT is like the poison ivy to your business puppy.

Itchy, bitchy, and potentially life-threatening.

So please don’t stop.

Don’t think too much

Follow my lead. And get it done FAST

Because Money truly loves speed….now more than ever.


Money Loves Speed & The BRaiN System Turns You Into a Speed Demon

BRaiN allows you to use your brilliance and your genius to create meaningful life-changing transformative products that make you stand out in the marketplace and do that in the shortest time possible.

Use My BRaiN To Create, Launch & Sell Your Offer In One Weekend

The Only Psychology-Based, AI-Powered System That Combines Neuromarketing, Custom Software & Speed To Get Your Business Created & Launched In One Weekend

Enter: Launch In a Weekend Co-Creation 


Launch In a Weekend Co-Creation Intensives


Business In a Box AI


$10K by Friday: Mission Critical


Launch In a Weekend Co-Creation Intensives

The fastest most mickey-mouse method to get you up & launching (and selling out) in one weekend


Relevant Right Now Strategies

My systems have been tested & optimized over 900+ launches across 150+ industries & I'm optimizng it still based on the changing markets & buying behaviors.

You get real-time-relevant-right-now strategies, future-proof tactics will give you & your business everything you need to survive, thrive and downright dominate your industry.


Work Together To Create Everything

No I won't leave you to scramble around on your own, I am rolling up the sleeves and woking alongside you on your launch. The idea is to work together one weekend a month working through the system together, creating offers together, generating marketing materials together, crafting sales copy together & getting ready to launch & sell out TOGETHER.


Live Coaching Support

True change does not happen in a vacuum. That’s why we're not just giving you the training, tools, templates and live coworking, we’re also giving you live coaching support so that your brain farts don’t stink up your brain and make you question everything. We’re going to make sure we not just answer your questions, but also empower you to have the belief that you need to be able to make millions with your offer.

launch incentives

Learn, Done & Earn System

Don’t just LEARN, don’t just get it DONE but also EARN..rewards, cash prizes, spotlights & more.

There is no better way to leverage people’s own brains against themselves to get them to complete the course, launch their thing and recoup their investment as soon as is humanly possible. 

This is the perfect mix or carrot, sticks & curry spoons to get you to do the work and profit big with your business.


Business In a Box- AI

Your All-In-One Business Building System That Combines Neuromarketing, Proven Ai-Tools And Business Building Strategies Tested & Optimized Over 80,000 Businesses Across 152 Industries

play the video to see it in action

business in a box-ai

offer module

Click To Find Out More

What is it?
The First-Ever AI Tool to Validate Your Online Idea, Craft Your Offer & Generate Your Entire Launch Plan in Under 30 Minutes

What Does it Do?
Finding your idea, validating your idea, testing your who + offer match, creating your rejection proof offer along with the pricing, bonuses, urgencies & components, setting your launch goals and creating your entire Sold Out Launch Plan…all in a matter of minutes.

play the video to see it in action


marketing module

Click To Find Out More

What is it?
The First Ever AI-Powered Marketing Software that creates personalised, authoritative & personality- infused marketing content in seconds.

What Does it Do?
It allows you to build a likeable, authoritative, relatable brand through strategic use of personality-infused content, embedded Likeability markers and customised tonality to fit your brand & your customer's voice.

play the video to see it in action


sales module

Click To Find Out More

What is it?
The First Ever AI-Powered Sales Copy Generating Software that creates copy with embedded psychological triggers meant to activate specific buying emotions in your buyer’s brain

What Does it Do?
It allows you to create rejection-proof, dismissal-proof, and objection-proof copy for all your launch needs with option to choose the specific emotion you wish to activate in your buyers.

play the video to see it in action


leads module

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What is it?
The largest repository of lead-gen blueprints with trainings, scripts, processes & an AI-engine to get you unlimited leads all day every day on repeat..without paid ads.

What Does it Do?
It gives you dozens of lead generation strategies along with full training & an AI-powered process to deploy the strategies in as little as 3 minutes. All without relying on paid ads or sliding into people’s DMs like a creepster

play the video to see it in action


webinar module

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What is it?
My $10 Million webinar framework condensed in an AI-powered system so you cam craft your ultra high converting webinar in a few clicks

What Does it Do?
It gives you everything you need to create an ultra-high-converting webinar, from coming up with the topic of your webinar based on trending topics, refining the webinar topic, then just answering a few questions to get your entire webinar content with pre-written pitch and nudge that creates urgency and desire for people to buy on the webinar….all done in less than 15 minutes.

play the video to see it in action


email module

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What is it?
Every single email that you will ever need to run your business all condensed in a super simple AI powered system.

What Does it Do?
Once you have done the groundwork for the email module, anyone on your team, even an untrained teenager can send out super persuasive emails with the click of a few buttons.


$10K by Friday: Mission Critical

A set of 7 daily micro missions you can deploy starting today and be ready to make your first or next $10K by Friday.


We start with the end in mind and show you all the pieces you need to get ready and finally press START on that launch. This comes with The Ultimate Launch Checklist, Plan and Calendar Template along with a
full walk-through of my process on how to launch working 4 hours a day even during launch days.

Goal: To get your launch planned out in full with gaps identified & resources locked.


This is where I show you click by click how to research, outline and create your viral-worthy better-than-paid freebie in under 45 minutes.

You'll get examples, swipes files, worksheets, training videos, and more you're able to hit the ground running without staring at a "blank screen" wondering how to start.

Goal: To get your viral-worthy better-than-paid freebie & loaded on to a sign up page ready to attract hot leads


This is where we start feeding your “$10K Machine” with HOT LEADS by putting your message in front of targeted audience primed to buy from you.
This is especially powerful for people who either have a tiny email list or have never really gone all-in on audience building.

Goal: To kick-start your self-replicating lead-in engine that will not just get you hot leads for your Black Friday launch but forever.


Time for you to craft your Awe-Inspiring Micro-Offer for Black Friday.

We start with a 4 step 45 minute idea validation and niche tightening method that will save you months of posting survey questions and hoping people will just tell you what they want.
This offer is not just a buyer-attractor but with the right positioning has the potential to become your buyer-acquirer for years to come.

Goal: Create your Awe-Inspiring Micro-Offer that makes people want to throw their wallets at your face


You’re going to learn step-by-step how to create your own product in under 48 hours (so the actual nitty gritty product creation process), and finally how to record the sessions if needed.

This is product creation on steroids and the exact process I use to create so much quality content in so little time.
Best Part? No past experience required!

Goal: Create the actual Awe-Inspiring Micro-Offer that you will deliver to your buyers (can be a course, coaching, membership or even a service)


This is where we create all the promo assets you need to create an instant frenzy of likes, comments and shares for your offer by tapping on to their deepest darkest desires. You will get swipes, templates, scripts & more to create promo assets that seed the idea of your offer in the minds of your potential buyers.
I will also share a simple tool to reverse engineer your irresistible market positioning based on the core psychological triggers of your ideal buyer.

Goal: Create all your promo assets for your $10K By Friday Launch


Time to create your pitch assets; all then things you need to move people from "I'll buy when I have time" to "I Want this NOW!"

I will give you a simple (yet killer) template to craft all your pitch assets (your sales page, your sales emails, even your social media pitches) to make an offer they just can not refuse. The exact structure, hooks and urgency points that make a killer sales pitch.

Goal: To create all your pitch assets that have a super persuasive pitch weaved into them using the principles of Believability & Desirability.

My Systems & Strategies Work

Period, Full Stop. End of Story.

I know programs that have been on the market for 5, 10, heck 15 years and have less than 50 case studies.  I, on the other hand have 500+ case studies, 1,000+ testimonials across 150+ industries. Why? Because I take your investment & trust very seriously and will do whatever it takes to get you sold out. Results Typical.

Davina Detrik


Our first launch  got us a sales revenue of $44,286, selling a photography class to dentists, with a small list of a few hundred people and zero ad spend.

Holly MacCue

Sales & Messaging Coach

Had a 50% live webinar attendance rate, and 73% stayed until the end.
Unfortunately in the last ten mins had tech issues where no one could see my screen or hear me. That didn’t stop me making 8 sales on the spot ($1567 each) with a ton of people in the chat asking me to send them the link.

Jonathan Tilley

Personal Brand Strategist

I had a following and a course, but no idea how to sell it to them. After an unsuccessful first launch, a friend told me about Bushra and my business took off. I made $50K without any ads and spent about $4K on video production. The best part? I spent half of the launch on a beach!


That will make you want to french-kiss your screen

In this Learn, Done & Earn LIVE experience, I wanted to give you every tool, template, swipeable, planning sheet, playbook & script you could ever need to make sure you hit the ground running. These bonuses are custom-created to serve just one purpose. Get you ready to launch & sell out at a jaw-dropping speed.

Bonus 1
Quiz In a Weekend- WORTH $2,000

Creating your own cash-pumping Quiz In One Weekend; including the right kind of questions to include, how to structure the quiz, how to link it to your offer, the low effort, high return way of promoting the quiz and even the tech side of building it.

Bonus 2
Webinar In a Weekend- WORTH $2,000

The easiest most templatized system to create your own million dollar webinar in one weekend, everything from  coming up with a great topic, the email sequence to promote the webinar, to the engagement tactics to keep people engaged and the pitch structure to get them to buy.

Bonus 3
Bestseller In a Weekend- WORTH $1,000

The Down & Dirty On Book Writing & Marketing That Most Traditional Book Coaches Will Not Share) Including My Full Strategy On How I Sold $55,000 Worth Of My Book And Then Sold A Course Off The Back Of The Book & Made Another $33,000

Bonus 5
Course In a Weekend- WORTH $2,000

My course creation on steroids method to actually create your mini course in less than 48 hours. This is the exact strategy I have used to create 130+ courses and with my secret system + the slide deck I am giving you, your own course-creation process will become completely painless.

Bonus 4
Podcast In a Weekend- WORTH $1,000

My Tried And Tested Crash Course In Creating An Audience Building, Revenue Boosting Podcast Including Exactly How To Pick A Topic, How To Name Your Podcast And How To Launch It..In One Weekend.

Bonus 6
Membership In a Weekend- WORTH $2,000

The science & psychology of membership sites that allow you to conceptualize, create & launch your monthly membership in one weekend.
Everything from coming up with a great hook to actually selling it & getting your first 100 members.

We Help [Target Audience] Achieve [Desired Outcome]

Use this paragraph to explain what your service is, who it's for and why they need it.

join us

3 Levels

Launch In a Weekend Co-Creation- Nimble


or 12 payments of $97

Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
Launch In a Weekend Co-Creation- Loaded


or 12 payments of $147

Creative working space, not noisy, fully equipped and convenient

  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
Launch In a Weekend Co-Creation- Full Throttle


or 12 payments of $197

Simplest, fastest and most effective flexible move

  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI
  • Business In a Box AI


Here’s the one big secret of business success that no one talks about. Knowing exactly what makes people buy and not tip-toe around your buyers for months building an email list, giving value & not making money. The idea is to ditch the advice of creating a list of subscribers and instead create a list of buyers from the get-go. More than 20% of my own email list are buyers and this is exactly what I preach in SOL..because guess what? We want people to see you as a bookshop not a library so that they are ready & eager to buy from you when you make the offer.

and when that happens...THIS is who you become....

THIS IS YOU: Thousands of email subscribers, hundreds of eager buyers & a life that’s so full of joy it annoys the shit out of your neighbours

THIS IS YOU: Your launch strategy, launch planning, copy, tech, graphics all DONE!

THIS IS YOU: Your Facebook ads pumping new targeted traffic into your launch funnel effortlessly and gracefully….like a ballerina on rollerskates

THIS IS YOU: Taking a day or a week (or a MONTH) off just because you feel like it because you have a system in place that does not require you to keep trading dollars for hours.

THIS IS YOU: No more hoping, praying, dying… always winning. Every Time!

THIS IS YOU: You wake up in the morning, not to random emails but to 11 new sales you made while you slept…all from a persuasive sales page you put together in less than an hour the night before…

As you sip your coffee you type out an email that takes you 10 minutes to pull together and  BOOM, your cash-generating, revenue-inducing email is on its merry way to make you tons of money….and you don’t even have to worry about the “right words”

You decide to take the rest of the day off…because you can and because the hundreds of hours you had to spend writing copy, tweaking website design and wrestling with Canva are now FREE…  spa day seems like a great idea!

Do You Have What It Takes to Add 2....3 Even 4 ZEROES to Your Bank Account?

Do you? Most don't.
Maybe this path right here is not for you
It's meant for someone who's hungry...
It's meant for the kind of person who has a deep burning desire to win, to rise above the desperate mediocrity everyone else is settling for
It’s meant for someone who has no shame in admitting that they like money, hell they LOVE money, and they want to make more money in a week than most people make in a year
It's meant for someone who is willing to go the extra mile, hell go the extra 10 broken shoes
Someone ready to roll with the punches. Someone ready to fight (and win)
Someone ready to be brave (even when it’s hard, and she’s scared and everyone tells her to be content, to settle, to just stop with the madness)
Someone ready to fight every battle, endure every insult, and nurse every blow to their ego back to health in a matter of seconds
Do you have the courage to reach out for this kind of life?
If you do, read on. If you don't, cut your losses, wipe the drool off your face and go browse some Facebook. This is not the place for you

Insert Content Template or Symbol

But If it’s so valuable, why is it free?

Because, I believe in the Evidence Doctrine.
Yes. I can tell you all the features & benefits
I can captivate you with clever words
I can enchant you with the power of this system
I can impress you with the testimonials
I can dazzle you with flashy pictures and income screenshots
Yes, I can make all claims & even prove those claims.

But instead of doing all of this. I've decided to let you experience the system and my teachings and my frameworks on your own.

So you can touch it.
You can feel it
You can use it.
You can actually make money with it and only continue if you are absolutely sure that this is your chosen path to millions.

and If you decide not to continue, just cancel your free trial in time or email us to do so for you, giving us at least a 24-hour notice.

One Last Thought..

Whatever you decide to do today, know this.
Of the people who read this today..
Some are grabbing their credit cards
Some are already punching their credit card number in 
Some are already logged in and diving into $10K By Friday: Mission Critical and marveling at the genius decision they have made

And some are already making money...putting these strategies into action and seeing their words turn into cash.
They are making money right now as you read this.
 - Someone
 - Somewhere
And it all starts with CHOOSING SPEED every time.
How do I know?
I have personally made $17 million+ in sales, living by the mantra that
So if you are ready to become a speed demon, then this is your almost last chance to do so.

Important Information Regarding Launch In a Weekend- Co-Creation

You are getting free trial access to this system for a few days so you can experience it yourself and only continue if you are 100% satisfied.
So you can touch it. 
 You can feel it.
You can use it. 
You can actually make money with it, and only continue if you are absolutely sure that this is your chosen path to millions.
If you decide not to continue, please make sure to cancel your free trial in time or email us to do so for you, giving us at least a 24-hour notice.
There are absolutely no refunds after your trial period is over & payment has gone through.
Please also note that this is a payment plan and not a subscription so we will not entertain any requests for cancellation after the payment cycle has started.

Privacy Policy                     Terms of Use                   Earnings Disclaimer 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques. We do not position this product as a “get rich scheme.” Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance. Any and all forward-looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s, in fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in our material.