Say No to Death by Boredom

Scroll Freezing, Hype Generating, Sale Getting Social Content in MERE SECONDS to Add a Zing of Personality to Your Social Media, Emails, Webinars, Videos & Brand So You Hook BRAINS, Sell MORE & Create lifelong FANS (even if you have the personality of a sand flea).

This is your chance to sidestep the deathtrap of boring yawn inducing content and infuse humor in your brand for endless eyeballs, truckloads of LOLs and crap-ton of sales

Time to take your brand from a tepid puddle of mediocrity to a fiery flipping comet of awesomeness.

?⏰?? The average Facebook ad gets our attention for 2.5 seconds ?⚠️

Wait WHAAAAT?!?!?

Yep that's about the same time it takes to :

? Solve the Rubik's Cube in a world record time

? Tie my own shoelaces with my eyes closed (and my tongue sticking out. I tried it.)

? Get 20 people to change a tire at Formula One (are they even human?)

Now, I'm sure you'll agree that 2.5 seconds is not a lot of time.

It's pretty stingy if you ask me. 

In fact you've already spent longer than that reading this post (and practicing the shoelace thing to see if you could do it too. It’s ok, I know you have)

So if you want people eyeballs on your stuff longer than a measly 2.5 seconds, you'll have to be:

✅ more interesting
✅ crawl inside their brains or
✅ take off all your clothes.

And if you're anything like me, you will NOT be so hot on that last option, for the benefit of all concerned.

Thankfully, you can keep a hold of your undies, because I have honed the "interesting part & the brain crawl part" down to an exact science.

And what is more, I'm willing to shower you with it like confetti..and not the sort that gets in all your orifices.....

Enter: My Glorious New Invention

If you want to exude wit and personality in your brand without signing off your inheritance to a copywriter or a social media manager, or removing your undergarments on the socials…

Then raise your hand now. ????????
In fact, raise both of them ?? ?? ?? ??
Stick out your tongue too if it makes you feel happy ????

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