2 Tiny Tweaks, a Curse Word and 620 New Subscribers

I am excited, exhilarated, positively PUMPED!

Don’t believe me? This is how I looked yesterday…with my creepy smile and an unfair abundance of double chins

Bushra Excited

Now multiply this face by 100…that is how I look today. I will not post a picture…I want to spare you and your screen the trauma!

So here’s the thing, I am excited about some very exciting things but before we talk about that, I have to tell you a story…

A story about 2 tiny tweaks, a (relatively innocent) curse word and 620 new subscribers.

Here is how the story goes. A healthy food coach and chef approached me a few weeks ago for a copy makeover..and this is how the opt-in copy on her landing page looked like:

version one

Not bad right?

Well, ask my opinion on anything and I will make sure to find some flaws in it…and that is precisely what I did.

I suggested three changes:

  1. Describe her in so much detail that she flinches as she reads your description. She flinches and she thinks “this chic gets it, she gets ME”
  2. Be as specific as possible in what you are offering, use words and phrases that paint a picture of her life with your solution.
  3. Use a curse word (Scientifically proven to make your argument more persuasive)

This is what I came up with:



And guess what? Yes, she got 620 new subscribers in 9 days…9 days!

In a niche that is highly cluttered, offering something that a million other people offer and without making any major changes to the design etc.

620 new subscribers….what does that mean?

It means 620 new leads, 620 people she has a chance to work her magic on and 620 people who will now spread the word about her.

Obviously, these tweaks are not the ONLY things she did. She was using FB ads to get qualified traffic to this page but if the landing page wasn’t compelling enough? All that paid traffic…poooffff!

And this is where my exciting news comes in..

I just created a short and extremely actionable course on creating landing pages that convert like crazy.

It is called 3Day3K and it is open for enrollment now!

It is my first DIY offering because I fully understand that my done for you work isn’t affordable for everyone.

And that is EXACTLY why, I’m not using any scarcity tactics I usually advise my clients to use…I genuinely want as many people as possible to get this!

So I have made 3Day3K as affordable as is humanly possible (read: dirt cheap)

Check it out here

So, if you ever felt like:

“How do all these people with new business ideas grow their mailing lists so quickly when I am lucky to get 3 sign ups a week!”

“I know there are hungry buyers out there who will LOVE what I plan to put out but why do I have to wait till I have a spiffy new website to start building my list”

“Help! I am spending so much on FB ads and people click through to my landing page but no one stops long enough to sign up…what do I do?”

You NEED to sign up right now!

This is the exact method of creating landing pages that I follow for my clients.

…and as you will soon see, it works FANTASTICALLY well for anyone wanting to make their own landing page more persuasive.

In 3Day3K, You Will Learn How to:

  • Write kick-ass, sign-me-up-right-now copy for your super persuasive landing page.
  • Create compelling, pull-‘em-in-hook-line-and-sinker images for your landing page.
  • Come up with an opt-in offer that makes people dream, drool and sign up.

All in three short days.

EVERYTHING in this course is backed by psychology or user testing research so you can be positive you aren’t shooting in the dark!

Click here to find out more

P.S: I promised freebies for those fundamentally against paying for knowledge acquisition, I have an interesting FREE proposition for you, but you will have to click over to the 3Day3K Page and scroll to the very bottom to know about it (Hint: it’s a FREE webinar)

P.P.S: If you love 3day3k or love me, you may want to sign up for the 3Day3K Love Bird program. It’s an affiliate program with EXTREMELY generous terms.

2 LANDING PAGE COPY TWEAKS TO INCREASE CONVERSIONS2 Tiny Copy Tweaks that gained 620 new subscribers in 9 days


  1. Laura on October 22, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    Wow! I’m not a busy mom that does dishes and my roots are colored, but I STILL want to sign up for that! lol! 🙂
    You’re good!

    • bushra.a on October 23, 2014 at 5:03 pm

      Hey Thanks Laura…You MOST definitely don’t look like THAT mom. I know those types, I see one in the mirror every day 😉

  2. Ashlee on November 9, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    I AM that mom 🙂

    • bushra.a on November 10, 2014 at 5:10 am

      Me TOO Ashlee, so this copy makeover was an easy one…it came from the heart 😉

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