2 Brain Hacks (and Email Scripts) to follow up With Potential Customers without Feeling like a Sleazebag or a Beggar

Do you send follow up emails to your prospects that start with something like this?

“Just wanted to touch base and see if you have had a chance to think about working with me?”

“Just wanted to check in and see if there’s anything I can help you with?”

“Just wanted to reach out and say that I am about to be fully booked for this month and will not be able to take on more clients, so if you want to work with me please let me know ASAP”

I know I know most of these emails are from people who are genuinely trying to follow up like all the sales gurus tell them to….but there’s a tiny little problem.

To the person receiving the email these reek of insincerity, desperation and onion breath (OK maybe not that last one but you get what I mean).

I hate to say this but that’s is exactly how you come across when you send that email.

So if you have done that in the past, it is time to wipe that blemish away from your career canvas and start afresh.

Let’s start with the mindset..

The Mindset

People always need more than one nudge to make the decision and follow ups when done right can make that happen. Also, if you really believe in the value of what you offer, you should not deprive your prospect of a chance to benefit from that.

Do it for them!

The Philosophy of Follow-Ups

Let me explain my philosophy of follow-ups:

It isn’t to rush them or guilt them into choosing you

It isn’t to sell them something they don’t need right now

It isn’t to close the sale on the first follow-up call

It is to be on top of their mind when they are ready to buy

That’s all. And this alone can make a difference between a great follow-up call materializing into a sale and a long term relationship or your email being deleted on the spot.

So, how do your remain top of mind?

 The Foolproof Formula of Client Follow-Up

Two very quick and extremely effective formulas that I have used countless times in both B2B and B2C interactions are below:

1.  The Follow-Up Bait

Keep a running list of trainings, events, webinars, talks, workshops etc. in your industry at all times. One of the smartest ways to follow up with someone is to send them a heads up about that event. This is essentially a bait for further discussion but is positioned as a favor as a special gift for a special person.

We all love gifts right?

You email could go something like this:

Hey Jane

I just came across this great conference happening in your area next month and guess what? They are looking for speakers!

I think that the profile that they are seeking ties in perfectly with your expertise and this could a great way for you to increase your influence and position yourself as an expert. Last year, one of my other clients was a speaker at this conference and her public speaking career really taken off since then.

Do let me know if you are interested in discussing how to pitch to them and how to position yourself. In fact, my schedule is free from 2 Pm to 5 PM on Friday. Maybe we can have a quick chat?


  1. The Solution to a Peripheral Pain

In your first interaction with your clients, look for patterns that go beyond your normal offering. Perhaps you are a business coach but you hear her talking about how overworked she is and how badly she needs a good VA. After your first interaction, make a list of all the peripheral pain points she mentioned and use these as your opening line for a referral email.


Hey Jane

Look what I found…A kickass VA that comes highly recommended from at least 2 different sources.

I remember you mentioning that you’re really in need of someone to take the reins of you social media accounts and allow you to focus more on your growing your business. I think she would be a great fit for this role.

I will be happy to hop on a quick call if you need some tips in drawing up the scope of work and terms of arrangement for this person so you get the best out of her. Does 6 PM Friday work for you?


See that wasn't sleazy or whiny or even bitchy.

It was positioned as a gift and there’s no way, your prospect would forget about you or your “favor” when she has decided to buy!

And if you use that quick call smartly, you may even give her a gentle nudge in buying sooner rather than later.

2 Brain Hacks (and Email Scripts) to follow up with potential customers without feeling like a sleazebag or beggar2 Brain Hacks (and Email Scripts) to follow up with potential customers without feeling like a sleazebag or beggar


  1. Donna on September 18, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    Bushra, Love these tactics. Do you think a lead magnet would also work? Say, a checklist they might find helpful that includes a next step to opt in to some training?

    • bushra.a on September 18, 2014 at 9:20 pm

      Hey Donna
      Thank you so much for your lovely words. I’m assuming that the prospect would have voluntarily given you her email address in the first place.
      If that’s not the case, maybe you can use the lead magnet as a way to establish your authority by saying something like. “I also wanted to point you in the direction of this priceless resource I have up on my site that people keep telling me is extremely valuable in **insert the problem it solves**. You can check it out here **insert signup link** and see if it resonates with you. I would love to have you a part of our community”
      The bottom line…come from a place of authority, as if you are doing her a favour by sharing it with her.

  2. Harshajyoti Das on September 26, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Hi Bushra,

    This is a great list of tips. It’s a great way to follow up. I use another method. I go through their blogs and send them an email with a feedback on their latest post. It saves me some time to keep a track of events, webnairs as you mentioned.

    What happens is, that they immediately realize that I have asked them for XYZ in my last email conversation. They thank me for my feedback and also revert back on my earlier query.

    Until your next post.

  3. Joshua Lisec on February 23, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Hey again Bushra,

    I cannot tell you HOW many times I’ve got those crappy emails you mentioned at the beginning.

    Dafuq does “touch base” even mean? Sounds illegal. . .

    Whenever they “check in to see what they can help me with,” I want to type back, “Yes, you can help me keep my calm by purchasing me a one-way ticket to Unsubscribesville.”

    Another gem, Professor Persuasion! Thanks again!

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